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Nicki Minaj And Cardi B 2018 Beef Explained: What Did She About Kulture?

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On Instagram, a woman posing as Nicki Minaj’s assistant made a series of accusations against the singer, which the 39-year-old has refuted. The woman claimed to be disclosing actual files, voicemails, and information that she had gathered while working for the woman. Her Instagram account has since been deactivated.

What did Nicki Minaj say about her assistant?

On Instagram Live, Nicki refuted the allegations and claimed that those who believed them were only becoming “dumber and dumber.” “People actually think I hired someone to work with me because they’re spilling tea now. It’s not even that, though. She remarked, “The tea sounds so silly. “You’d have to be a moron to believe it,’ someone said. The rapper continued by slamming the posts: “It’s obviously a kid.


Nicki and Cardi reportedly fought in 2018

The woman talked about a dispute between Nicki and Cardi B from 2018 that is currently a hot issue because so many people are curious about what transpired. What did the musician say regarding Kulture, Cardi B’s daughter? Find out by reading on. Nicki and Cardi reportedly fought in 2018 at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party during New York Fashion Week, according to E! Online.

Nicki apparently didn’t let Cardi’s rage affect her

The Super Bass singer’s left eye was severely damaged when the rapper “charged” at her and allegedly flung her red high heel at her. It was very quick! Everyone could hear Cardi’s voice screaming when I heard it. One witness claimed that people either moved out of the path or pulled out their phones and began recording. Nicki apparently didn’t let Cardi’s rage affect her and “barely even looked at her.” Being one of the most prominent parties of fashion week, the event staff was horrified. The insider stated, “The next thing you knew, shoes were flying and Cardi was on her way out.”


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