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Netizens Slam Nelly Over Resurfaced Videos Of Him Singing To Young Girls Durning 2017 Concert

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Due to resurfaced videos showing Nelly serenading young girls onstage during his concerts, Nelly is facing backlash on social media. Several videos of Nelly concerts surfaced online last week. These clips feature the rapper singing intimate lyrics to underage girls. Nelly appears onstage with a young Black girl in one clip. Are you feeling nervous? Holding her hand, Nelly says, “I’m nervous.”. Telling her to hold his glasses, he tells her to stand face-to-face with him. Just inches from the girl’s face, the St. Louis rapper sings his 2004 single “Over and Over” while grabbing strands of her hair.

A similar stunt was filmed at another show since then, according to another video. Nelly appears in this video serenading an awkward young White girl who appears extremely nervous. There has been a backlash against the videos on social media, with people weighing in on the disturbing clips. I can’t believe he’s serenading children on stage! WHY?! Along with an emoji of an angry face, one person wrote. One person tweeted, OUTRAGED! For those of you who love and support R. Kelly, there is nothing wrong with this, but for the rest of us, it is outrageous that a grown man, NELLY, now known as R. Nelly, can sit on the stage and sing to an 8-year-old girl touching her hands.

Rapper Nelly Faces Backlash Online After Videos Of Him Serenading Young Girls Resurface Online

In a number of videos, Nelly has been shown singing inappropriately to underage girls onstage. There has been outrage, backlash, and questions on social media as a result. A Texas native sings intimately to underage girls on stage with him in the clips. A video of Country Grammar’s 2004 song “Over and Over” shows him performing it near the child. He asks her if she’s nervous. In a highly inappropriate manner, he proceeds to grab some of her hair and serenade her. A separate video shows Nelly committing a similar act. He twirls her hair and begins singing to her in a disturbing manner as the girl awkwardly stands on stage. He even tries to hold the fan’s hand, but the gesture is obviously met with scepticism. Both videos show the crowd screaming and laughing at what is happening in front of them.


At this time, it is unclear why the Dancing with the Stars alum did not receive backlash during these concerts. These videos have resurfaced after Nelly performed with his ex, R&B singer Ashanti, just this past weekend. During Power 98.3 and Power 96.1’s “Under The Mistletoe” concert in Arizona, the couple reunited on stage. Social media trended when they performed their collaborative 2008 track, “Body On Me.” Following a decade-long romance, the couple called it quits in 2014. As fans called for the former couple to rekindle their romance, Twitter has demanded an explanation for the 48-year-old’s disgusting behaviour on stage with underage fans. I am outraged! One person wrote that this is insane. Those of you who support and love R. Kelly won’t see anything wrong here, but for those of us who don’t, it’s totally unacceptable for an adult, Nelly, to sing to an 8-year-old girl, all rubbing and all. As of now, Nelly and his team have not commented on the situation.

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