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Netizens prompt to boycott Dylan Mulvaney’s viral Olay advertisement

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Dylan Mulvaney

It appears like influencer Dylan Mulvaney has found herself amidst another boycott controversy. However, this time she is facing backlash for her viral advertisement with Olay company.

Here is everything you need to know.

Dylan Mulvaney’s Olay controversy explained

Social media users have seemingly dug up earlier marketing campaigns done by Dylan Mulvaney after the Nike and BudLight controversy.

Moreover, the current controversy features a sponsored video Mulvaney did for the Olay company.

If you didn’t know, Mulvaney shared a video earlier this year in March where she uses an Olay SPF moisturizer while getting ready for the day.

In addition, the clip has received more than 180 K likes from Mulvaney’s fans and followers.

Meanwhile, the criticism reportedly comes after some people believe that the trans activist should not promote products that are marketed towards women because she is transgender.

Besides that, Oli London, a British influencer who has written a series of tweets speaking against Mulvaney shared his take on the latest controversy.


He wrote, ‘Dylan Mulvaney stars in new Olay advert, appearing in an ad with women and advertising a women’s skincare product! Another brand that has no respect for their customers- women! #GoWokeGoBroke #dylanmulvaney.’

Netizens React to Dylan Mulvaney’s Olay Controversy

Many netizens took to their respective accounts on social media to call for a mass boycott of the brands Dylan Mulvaney has sponsored.

Additionally, they began a hashtag called #GoWokeGoBroke to share the tweets so that the brands can face a loss.

A user wrote, ‘I can’t believe that this one person is now the face of all these products. This has to be a parody.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘Another brand to boycott! I won’t support any company who erases women!’

A different user added, ‘Olay is the new brand of the day that has decided to reject reality and sponsor Dylan Mulvaney to showcase women’s products.’

Another user penned, ‘Ladies, time to STOP buying-they are terminating your existence.’

Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney is a popular social media influencer who is known for documenting her journey of transitioning on TikTok.

For the unversed, Mulvaney underwent Facial Feminization Surgery last year.

Meanwhile, Mulvaney has refrained from engaging in the drama despite being under hot water with social media users over her sponsoring brands.

Furthermore, it seems like Mulvaney will prefer to keep her silence amid the Olay backlash judging from the fact that she did not address the Bud Light boycott earlier as well.


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