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Netflix ‘The Closer’ Sixth First Teaser: Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Special in October

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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle announced his sixth Netflix special ‘The Closer’ which would be the end of this series cycle. This will be released most probably on October 5 on all streaming platforms.

His earlier specials of Dave Chappelle’s series on Netflix include- ‘The Age of Spin’, ‘Deep in the hearts of Texas’, ‘Equanimity’, ‘The Bird Revelation’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’. People loved these specials a lot.

Dave Chappelle New trailer release

During the release of the trailer, Chappelle said that a comedian has to speak recklessly. Then the trailer started. From the trailer, we could see that it represented famous hits from the previous seasons. Dave also said, “Sometimes, the funniest thing to say is mean.” However, he later explained that he didn’t mean to say to be mean to others. He explained that he said so because it looks funny. So, it emphasizes being mean and funny together.


Moreover, Stan Lathan who directed the first five films of Dave Chappelle will be back on Netflix. The latter only confirmed this news. The earlier five specials were outstanding and got nominated in several categories at Emmys and Grammys awards. It is also estimated that these specials helped Chappelle to earn around $20 million.

During the unprecedented times of COVID-19, Chappelle was busy in his YouTube documentary with Netflix. The documentary was “8:46” which revolved around the social elements, basically based on the death of George Floyd. It was half an hour stand-up and focussed on the discrimination that Black American goes through. Then, he had some disputes related to contracts, so he was neutralizing them with Netflix for the return of his show ‘Chappelle’s Show’. Moreover, he was also working on his documentary ‘Dave Chappelle: This time This Place’.


Tribeca Premiere

Chappelle talked about the harsh pandemic times at the Tribeca Premiere held in June. He said that he was “shocked” to see the same crowds again on the roads. The normal has come back in the lives of people. He was happy to see that they all survived the difficult time. However, he also said, “I am so sorry for any of you who lost someone or lost something due to this pandemic.”

Dave Chappelle stand-up

Continuing with the speech, he also urged the people to stay united. He asked them that nothing can break them apart “no matter what our country says, no matter what any corporation says.” In the end, he just asked them to help each other to survive.


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