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Nashville Photos Go Viral: Is Randall Emmett Cheating on Lala Kent

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randall emmett and lala kent cheating

Lala Kent, who is a Model and TV star has separated from Randall Emmett.

A source confirmed that Lala Kent, who is 31-year-old had moved out to a hotel with their daughter, Ocean.  She is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

In Nashville, he allegedly cheated on Lala, and she broke her 3-year relationship up.

In Nashville, Randall is with two women, pictures have arrived online.

Who Are Randall Emmett and Lala Kent?< /strong>


 Randall Ives Emmett was born in 1971, who is a producer of American films and television. A company, known by  Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, he is the co-founder and chairman of the company. He has produced such good movies as 2 guns,  The Irishman, and Silence. Randall Emmett’s net worth is $20 million dollars.

randall emmett and lala kent cheating

On the other hand, Lala Kent is a model and TV personality, she is mostly famous for her TV show Vanderpump Rules. She was born in 1990. Furthermore, she was born in Salt Lake City, United States

. She is the daughter of Kent Burningham and Lisa Burningham.   The actress’ net worth is $2 million dollars.

In Nashville Randall Emmett Allegedly Cheated On Lala Kent

According to the source, Randall Emmett, who is the producer of her movie has left him after he allegedly cheated on her.

From Instagram, Lala has deleted their photos on Sunday.  Also, liked the post on Instagram which he posted with two women.

When she was in Beverly Hills Hotel, she posted a video of while she was passing through the hall with her friends, who were helping to carry luggage and the daughter. She had made confirmed that she has left him and stayed away from him.

The background music which she chose to play was Beyoncé’s song Sorry, which launched in 2016. The song especially alludes to cheating.

The lyrics she chose were: “Now you want to say you’re sorry / Now you want to call me crying / Now you gotta see me wilding / Now I’m the one that’s lying / And I don’t feel bad about it / It’s exactly what you get.”

Randall With Two Women In A Photo

 A picture of Randall in Nashville, allegedly cheating on Lala was uploaded online. That happened just after when Lala uploaded the Instagram story.

At the hotel of Thompson in Nashville, Randall was with two women, the picture came out.

Before entering the hotel, he was walking on the street with those two women

The photo was posted by one anonymous social media, and he was with the two women. Furthermore, he was trying to hide when they identified him.


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