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N3on Issues Apology to Kai Cenat Over Remarks About His Mother

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Controversial YouTuber N3ON has apologized to Kai Cenat after making a comment about the latter’s mother. Everything N3ON does ends up becoming a hot topic of discussion on social media. Some time ago, he made a remark about Kai’s mother and eventually apologized for it.

Read ahead to learn more about YouTuber N3ON’s apology to Kai Cenat for his comments about the latter’s mother.

YouTuber N3ON comments about Kai Cenat’s mom

Controversial YouTuber N3ON has been involved in numerous controversies since gaining fame. He has faced criticism for his behavior and comments, including remarks made about Kai Cenat’s mother.

N3ON’s comment about Kai’s mom received widespread criticism, and Kai’s friend Ray expressed a willingness to confront N3ON. However, Kai’s reaction to the situation deeply affected N3ON, prompting him to promptly apologize to Cenat for his comment about his mom.

Kai Cenat reacts to Ray thinking to fight N3ON

As N3ON made a comment about Kai Cenat’s mom, the latter’s friend considered confronting N3ON. However, Kai advised his friend, saying, “No, bro. You can’t associate yourself with individuals like that, bro. No matter… like, you can’t associate yourself with individuals like that.”

Kai Cenat’s comments seem to have hurt the controversial YouTuber. Following this, N3ON attempted to apologize to Kai. He realized it wasn’t appropriate to make remarks about Kai’s mother, especially on the internet. Here’s what N3ON said in his apology.

N3ON makes apology to Kai Cenat over comment about his mom

YouTuber N3ON felt hurt by Kai Cenat’s comments. Following this, the controversial content creator took the time to apologize to Kai for his remarks about his mom. In his apology, N3ON stated, “I take full accountability, bro. Everyone can call me a b***h, you can say whatever you want. I take full accountability for that. That is 100% my fault.”

He added, “Chat, I know you guys want to see me do certain dumb s**t. But in this situation, I’m in the wrong, and he’s talking about when I talked about his mom. And, I was a little dumb kid at the time, and I apologize. I take full accountability, bro.”

N3ON explained how with the feeling of “insecurity” he ended up dragging Kai Cenat’s mom in his words.


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