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MrBeast Worries About Going Broke After Epic Grocery Store Challenge

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MrBeast who is best known for his high-budgeted setups, challenges, and giveaways is now in fear of going broke. Well, the YouTuber is one of the top creators on the internet with more than 180 million followers. Despite being a rich creator in terms of his budget. There’s something that he regrets doing now.

Read ahead to know more about why MrBeast fears going broke after his recent deal with a man in the grocery store.

All about the challenges of MrBeast

MrBeast grew popular as a YouTuber with some crazy challenges on the internet and eventually came to the top. Currently, he has about 187 million subscribers on his YouTube channel owing to his popularity. His popular videos show his high-cost challenges and giveaways too.

The real-life squid game and other videos went extremely viral on the internet. Once again he has given a challenge to a man who seems to be fearing the YouTuber himself. He has expressed about it on social media saying he fears going broke.


MrBeast fears he might get broke after a deal with a man

While everyone knows that MrBeast is also known for some big giveaways. This time he promised a man in a grocery store to stay in the store. For which the YouTuber will pay him $10,000 every day. But it looks like he regrets promising the man now.

MrBeast on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote what he fears as he said: “I messed up….i bought a random grocery store and told a random person I’d give him $10, 000 everyday he lives in it and it’s been weeks and he shows no sign of ever leaving. I’m gonna go broke”.

More about MrBeast fearing going broke

The man who was promised by MrBeast a pay of $10,000 every day to stay in the grocery store has been there for weeks. The YouTuber feared the man hadn’t been showing signs of leaving till now. As such he will have to pay the man the promised amount creating a situation to make the YouTuber go broke.

Meanwhile, one of the users on social media commented on the situation saying that the man promised by MrBeast to stay for a year in the grocery store. Then he would make about $3.6 million at the end of a year.


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