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Mikaelly Martinez, EX-Miss Brazil Transgender Arrested? Charges Explained

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Mikaelly Martinez

Mikaelly Martinez, a former Miss Brazil Transsexual has been arrested recently for allegedly drugging men and stealing their valuables. She has been arrested on November 28, 2021, currently in custody for further investigation.

Who is Mikaelly Martinez?

Mikaelly Martinez held the trans crown in 2019. Her age is not identified yet, but she seems to be around 25 years old. She has not disclosed about her family yet. She must be 5’8 in height and approximately 60 to 70 kg. She keeps most of the information private. She must be from Brazil, as she held the crown of Miss Brazil Transgender. She has come to attention after being apprehended in a drug and loot case.

Mikaelly Martinez

There has been no evidence about any link with other people. In contrast to different celebs, her relationship or dating life is secret and has not been shared with the media. Her connection with similar crimes is under investigation. She took assets of everyone by placing drugs in a beverage.


There have been no details regarding her personal life on social media.

Mikaelly Martinez’ Charges Explained

As per the report, former Miss. Brazil Transsexual “Mikaelly Martinez” was arrested on Sunday at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. She is in the headlines due to her deeds. The reason behind her arrest is drugging the men and robbing their valuables. She attracts the man for a physical relationship, then puts the drug in the drinks and loots their valuables belongings. She is in custody for further investigation for looting and drugging men in 3 Brazilian cities. She is also being interrogated for connection with related crimes in Sao Paulo, Balneario Camboriu, and Florianopolis. Many people offered her to get involved in sexual intercourse with three people, even after she robbed them. He has been also arrested before in 2015 for the homicide. In the year 2019, she was delegated. The Brazilian news outlet G1 reported without any further details.

One such case explained by Police Chief Leandro Gontijo is, “Martinez attracted men to a sexual event online, when she arrived at the hotel, another trans appeared to get involved in a threesome. Later, the man was offered a drink with the drug in it. After the result of the drug on the man, she looted the valuable belongings of the man.”


The chief further said in a press conference, ” There must be more victims, it is important to emphasize them, as people are feeling ashamed to register a complaint. As a solution, they can contact at the 16th Precinct”.

By looking at all these incidents, the fans must be disappointed about it. There is no such information about her on social media platforms. Her Instagram ID has been not still identified nor any information on Twitter. She has been arrested on Sunday, we would get more clarity after further investigations.



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