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Microsoft Shuts Down Deepfake Loophole in Designer AI App Amid Taylor Swift Image Concerns

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The Taylor Swift deepfake controversy has prompted Microsoft to make changes to its Designer AI app. With AI making significant changes in the current era, there are also numerous undesirable outcomes. After the deepfake images of Taylor Swift took the internet by storm, Microsoft has taken action to prevent any unwanted scenarios.

Read ahead to learn more about Microsoft making changes to its Designer AI following the Taylor Swift deepfake controversy.

Taylor Swift Deepfake controversy

Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift’s images shocked everyone when they went viral on the internet. The explicit deepfake images of Swift, generated by AI, had gone viral, leaving Swifties c oncerned. However, on [specific platform], searches for Taylor Swift were temporarily blocked to avoid further spread of the deepfake images.


Meanwhile, after the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift’s deepfake images, there has been a need for action from other social media platforms as well. As a result, Microsoft has made changes to its Designer AI image generating app. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Microsoft makes changes to its Designer AI

On January 25th of this year, it was reported that a bad actor had used Microsoft’s Designer AI generator app to create deepfake images of Taylor Swift. These images were spread on social media, raising concerns for many about the harm associated with such AI-generated content.

Now, 404Media has reported that due to Microsoft’s app, Designer AI, being used to create deepfake images of the Grammy-winning singer, which took no time to spread like wildfire on the internet. The company eventually had to take action by making some changes to its app to address the problem and prevent such controversies in the future.


More about Microsoft making changes to the Designer AI app

Previously, the publication also reported on several communities spreading the deepfake images online. They had used different AI image generating apps, including one from Microsoft as well. Luckily, now Microsoft has attempted to make its Designer AI app safer after the controversy.

Designer AI previously had a loophole that allowed bad actors to create deepfake images even with misspelled and non-sexual descriptions. But that won’t be happening now, as Microsoft has addressed and fixed that issue. Yet, according to the site, communities have still been creating deepfake images using other tools.


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