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Mercedes Moore, The Houston IG model, was found dead; Here’s The Reason how she died

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Mercedes Moore

The death of prominent Instagram personality Mercedes Moore has sparked outrage on social sites. Sources say that Mercedes Moore’s death is due to a gunshot while robbery. She was dead in her home on Sunday 29th of August, 2021.
She died during a heist, according to multiple accounts.
At the time of her death, the Houston resident was 33 years old. Tory Lanez and other superstars flocked to social media. They expressed their grief to Morre’s family members and friends whereas the pain cannot be covered.

Several stories claimed it to be a robbery. But some sources claim that the bullet came from her former boyfriend’s gun. He eventually committed suicide after murdering her.
With over two million Instagram followers, the 33-year-old Houston native is immensely famous. She likes posting sensual photos of herself in swimsuits or enjoying the music.

Mercedes Moore

What does Authority say about the death of Mercedes Moore?

Moore’s death seems to be a murder-suicide. However, neither the model’s and nor the suspect’s cause of death is official. Gagnier’s body was close to the body of Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34. Authorities think of him as the attacker in the crime at the building on Sunday.

As per KPRC, the officials are awaiting medical findings to determine how the deaths occurred. However, they do not anticipate that the two acquainted one another. The news of this well-known online personality’s passing is devastating.

This information is spreading over the Internet’s media platforms. It is an issue about which people are always seeking answers. Nearly every single social media source is full of messages of condolences from friends and followers. Everybody is sad and dismayed by her untimely passing.

Her loss has come as a shock to everybody who knew her. However, no one can bring her back to life. We request that you stay away from social sites. This is where rumors about Mercedes Moore’s death are spreading.


Although funeral plans are still in the process, it comes as no surprise that the family is grieving. We appeal for your condolences, compassion, and cooperation for the family at this tough and sad time for them.
We hope that God gives courage to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one and bravery to move forward. Among the most terrible emotions to experience is the death of a cherished one. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who are going through the same thing as a result of this tragedy.

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