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Meet Ezra Waters, The TikTok Singer, Musician from Alabama

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Ezra Waters

Who is Ezra Waters, a TikTok sensation and singer who has recently gained popularity on social media?

Several of Ezra’s online accounts, including his Instagram and TikTok, appear to have been removed, according to internet reports.

Who is Ezra Waters?

Ezra Waters, a musician, producer, and social media celebrity in his early twenties from Alabama is a musician, producer, and social media personality.

The TikToker, whose true name is Gregory Ezra Clark, attended Amherst College and majored in Political Science and African Studies.

The singer, who specializes in soul, trap, and R&B, made an appearance on the 2018 album ‘Pax Manhattan.’

Ezra Waters

According to Ezra’s Spotify profile, he has six hundred and eighty-five monthly Spotify listeners and has released three singles.

He has been a member of a collective called No coast, according to Amherst Wire, which is “full of individuals who share his ardor for welcoming inspirations from every corner, and just focused on making music they love.”

What happened to Ezra’s TikTok?

Ezra’s TikTok account has been deactivated and is no longer accessible as of this writing.

Before his profile was taken down, he had roughly 140,000 followers on the video-sharing network and a total of 5 million likes.

Ezra Waters used his TikTok account to promote his music and reach out to more people before it was taken down.

Ezra has an instagram account?

He was a frequent Instagram user, but his account is no longer active.

At the time of writing, the musician’s SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify profiles were still live.

His Twitter account was also deactivated.


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