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Meet 40 Million Girl, She Found R40 Million Submit to Police Station is False

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R40 million

Nowadays it is very complicated to search for honest people with good values. People are getting greedy day by day especially in terms of money. Let us give you a situation where you find R40 million while walking on the road then what will be your reaction? Will you ever think to submit it to the police station?

As per sources, an honest girl, in the same situation, submitted this huge amount to the police station. After police saw her honesty they informed, about her good values, to the citizens of the country. All together they appreciated her and offered the recognition. You might be curious to know about the information of that girl who took such a big decision.

In this article, we will offer you all the details of that 40 million girls. To know about her please read the article till the end.

Who is 40 Million Girl?

We will introduce you to the girl who has submitted R40 million to the police station as per reports.


The report says that even after suffering from the losses In the year 2021, A girl from Soweto found R40 million on road but still decided not to keep it as she could have used it for helping her family. She took that money to the police station, says the sources.

Mzansi has been divided into 2 over the Internet after knowing about this incident. The girl says that she wants to keep her focus only on her studies and not on the materialistic things like the R40 million that she got on the road.

Netizen’s Reaction on R40 Million Girl

After the girl submitted the large amount to the police station, South African Police rewarded her the recognition for being a responsible and good citizen. Not much information is available over the Internet about that girl but we know that she is a student of Seanamarena High School, Soweto.


The netizens appreciated her and showed interest to know about her in detail. Except for her photo, no other detail is available over the Internet to date. As soon as we will arrange the details about that girl we will add them here on this page.

Clarity By Police

The police have confirmed that this news is fake. The picture that is going viral was taken in Mpumalanga, and not in Soweto as mentioned everywhere. The name of the constable that confirmed this news as fake is Malaza. He explained that SAPS in their region was offered an assignment for the students who were nominated as the top learners and named as the Junior Station Commanders.


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