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Matt Amodio Lands ‘Jeopardy!’ Show’s Second-Longest Winning Streak

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Matt Amodio continued his “Jeopardy!” winning streak on Friday, winning for the 33rd time in the contest. That moved him into 2nd spot on the all-time streak of wins in a row, trailing only Ken Jennings, who has 74.

Amodio defeated 2019 breakthrough winner James Holzhauer for his 33rd victory. Amodio’s total cash wins are at $1,267,801 for the 30-year-old. He having successfully solved over 1,000 riddles since his initial television appearance on July 21.

Amodio, a Yale University Ph.D. student in computer science, is really just the third individual in the history of the show to win well over $1 million in regular games. He’s still a long way below Holzhauer and Ken Jennings in the standings.
When questioned about Jennings, Amodio stated in a comment, “Ken’s always has been the brand of ‘Jeopardy!’ to me, so that when I picture of ‘Jeopardy!,’ I suppose of him.” “It’s a strange sensation to be directly behind him.”


Matt Amodio’s Victory

Amodio has demonstrated a vast range of expertise in areas such as history, philosophy, film and music, chemistry, geography, and more during his time on the show. Despite his tendency of responding “what’s” in reply to personal names. When logically he should really be saying “who’s,” he’s become such a fan favorite for his modest nature and a sarcastic good sense of humor.


In Friday’s show, Amodio won $55,400 after correctly guessing two of the three Double Jeopardy squares. And providing the proper answer in Final Jeopardy. The match was a victory, as it had been many times throughout Amodio’s tenure.

Reactions to Amodio’s victory

After Amodio’s 23rd win, Holzhauer, a professional sports trader, slung some heat. “When you purchase anything digitally vs. when it comes,”. He snarled in a tweet, accompanied by side-by-side photos of their indicated that higher cash prizes after 23 victories. Holzhauer at $1,780,237, well over twice Amodio’s $825,801 at the time. “I think such memes were intended to feature the far more handsome individual on the left,”. Amodio answered.


Mayim Bialik hosts “Jeopardy!” for Sony Pictures Television, which is presently in its 38th season of broadcast. While Sony seeks for a regular host to substitute the late Alex Trebek, Bialik and Ken Jennings shall host “Jeopardy!” as for the remainder of the year.

Mike Richards, the former showrunner of “Jeopardy!” was chosen presenter in August, but he decided to step down nine days later after inappropriate statements he made on prior podcasts emerged, coupled with two earlier defamation cases from his tenure as EP of “The Price Is Right.” Richards was later dismissed by Sony.


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