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Marcus Smart And Maisa Hallum Are Now Engaged, Will Smith Help To Propose Her

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Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart proposed to his longtime girlfriend Maisa Hallum with the help of Will Smith. Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics had a win over the Milwaukee Bucks this Christmas to celebrate. But no that’s not the only thing he celebrated as he switched from his single status to now in a relationship with his girlfriend Hallum.

Read ahead to know more about Marcus Smart’s proposed girlfriend Maisa Hallum with help from Will Smith.

Marcus Smart’s Boston Celtics had won over Milwaukee Bucks

For all the Boston Celtics fans it was a great Christmas as they got to see their favorite team win over the Milwaukee bucks in the match. The win of the Boston Celtics over Milwaukee Bucks with a score of 139-118 was indeed a victory. While the fans of the Boston Celtics are to witness some more great matches in the coming dates.

Some are again to have both Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks against each other in 2023. But it was all too special for Marcus Smart as he had a special win this year for him.

Marcus Smart proposed to his longtime girlfriend with help from Will Smith

It was on the Instagram of Marcus Smart this Sunday that he announced a special win of him. No, it wasn’t the win of Boston Celtics over Milwaukee Bucks that he was talking about. Rather it was about a win in his love life that he was happy to share with all.

Marcus Smart proposed to his longtime girlfriend Maisa Hallum with the help of Will Smith. A video he even shared on his Instagram. Marcus made some tweets to announce he was in a relationship.

That first came with his tweet saying “I’ve had enough. Been holding it in too long and it’s about time this gets said..”. The next tweet from Marcus came saying “It’s time for me to leave….”. Post in which he finally announced that his longtime girlfriend has said “Yes” to him.


How did Will Smith help Marcus Smart to propose his girlfriend?

Well, one of the biggest highlights of the proposal of Marcus Smart was that Will Smith helped him in proposing his girlfriend. In the video posted by Marcus on his Instagram one could see a video of Will Smith wishing both Maisa and Marcus a merry Christmas.

The lines Will Smith said in the video that went hard to miss was “I promise you, you’re not going to end this Christmas empty-handed, OK. That’s all my wishes is”.

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