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Machine Gun Kelly Responded To The Individual Who Vandalized His Tour Bus

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Machine Gun Kelly

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Machine Gun Kelly On Thursday, someone yelled homophobic insults at Machine Gun Kelly’s tour bus. Gun Machine Kelly is speaking to the person responsible for the Thursday vandalism of a tour bus in Nebraska. Colson Baker, also known as Kelly, posted a message on his Instagram account that read, “Couldn’t even commit the proper crime smh.” “You are so stupid. You misidentified my bus when you spray-painted it… incorrect bus, you f-king moron. Do the crime right at the beginning.” On Thursday, the offender painted a penis on one side of the tour bus and a homophobic epithet on the other.

What did Machine Gun Kelly post on Instagram?

Kelly posted photographs of his tour vans to his Instagram story before leaving for Omaha, Nebraska. Along with a picture of the buses, which are all different colors, he added, “Taking the power rangers to OMAHA.” Kelly kept mentioning the unnamed suspect on Thursday. Kelly remarked, “You waited till 5 a.m. to spray paint a d-K since I was by the buses until 4:30.” “Instead of doing something at home or cuddling with your spouse, you were thinking, “God da——, I just wish he would go up to his hotel room so I can spray paint this d-k.” You s..k.”


Is there any suspect for Machine Gun Kelly’s offensive spray paint

The offensive spray paint. According to Kelly, was taken off the bus “before I even saw it. Police were informed of the vandalism outside The Farnam Hotel early on Thursday morning, according to local news source KETV. No suspects have been identified as of yet. Megan Fox’s fiancé hurt himself in June while performing in New York. When he dropped a champagne flute on top of his head. He revealed that he sustained a gash above his eye from the event. The night after on the “Late Night With Seth Meyers” program.


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