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Mac Miller Fans Freak Out On Twitter Ahead Of “Faces” Mixtape Being Re-Released

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Mac Miller Mixtape

Faces, Mac Miller’s legendary 2014 mixtape. Has officially been available to streaming platforms, and enthusiasts absolutely can’t wait to listen to it. Faces would also be released on vinyl for perhaps the first time.

“Don’t jump to any song first,” tweeted @HipHopNumbers. “If you’ve never heard it before, start at ‘Inside Outside,’. Close your blinds. Turn your phone to silent, and join Mac inside his own world.”

Here on the vinyl side of things. A yellow printing of said mixtape still seems to be accessible on Mac Miller’s webpage. But the tricolor version has indeed gone completely. The Mac Miller Foundation would then receive a part of the earnings.

The song “Color and Shapes” of album Faces has been originally released previously this year. With an official musical clip by filmmaker Sam Mason. “Have I addressed the subject, ‘Who am I?'” says a vintage narration at the start of the track. Well, I have to deal with that all the time.” Miller says, accompanied by a hazy synthesizer. As well as a hallucinogenic atmosphere. Like he’s floating it through tune from out of his body.


Mason says of the film in a release to the New York Post. “The music felt incredibly cinematic to me — like has it’s entire planet… It’s supposed to be a song portraying having to grow up as such a creator. With all the peaks and valleys that entails.”

Journey of Mac Miller

Miller, a Pittsburgh local, came to popularity with college rap music while he was only a youngster. The sort you’d overhear in an unclean underground using red Solo glasses. But by the time he turns 20. He seemed to have a gold hit and has been on the Billboard charts. 
He gradually developed his unique style and personality after graduating from the carefree. Youthful rap techniques found on his record “K.I.D.S.”. Miller dies of an unintentional excess of fentanyl, cocaine, as well as alcohol on Sept. 7, 2018. Only a month after releasing his final album, “Swimming.”. He has only been 26 years old at the time. In 2020, his company published “Circles”. It is something the rapper reportedly was finishing on at the time of his death.

Mac Miller Mixtape

Mac Miller is the fastest-evolving hip-hop performer in recent history. He’s evolved from such a freewheeling frat-rapper catering to carefree teens and campus students. To a mystical and contemplative artist making songs for nobody besides himself. As well as those dearest to him and in the span of 6 years. He’s perhaps among the highest leading solo musicians of all time. Including his first album, Blue Slide Park debuted at #1 also on Billboard 200. It was alone without the help of a record company.


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