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Louis Thornton-Allan Girlfriend: Affair, Married, and Net Worth

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Louis Thorton

Louis Thornton-Allan is on headlines in every newspaper. On October 22, Louis Thornton-Allan married her longtime girlfriend. This news became the most famous headline on every social media outlet and news channel.   

After this news, fans all over the world are overwhelmed. Let’s see further about Louis Thornton-Allan and his wife.   

Who is Louis Thornton Allan?  

Louis Thornton-Allan is a talented British actor. He is a model, actor, and entrepreneur. Allan’s new music video is lined up and will launch soon.   

His Instagram profile states that he stays in New York, but originally, he is from London. On share grid, his bio states, “I stay in NYC, but originally I am from London. I work as an actor, model, fashion, and music.”  

Thornton is private about his personal affairs, so it is still unknown about his exact birth year. We could only research from different profiles and estimate that he was born in 1996 or 1997.   

Allan is an emerging actor who is currently studying at Stella Adler Studio of Acting. His interest in filmmaking and acting was always from childhood.   

His fascination with filmmaking can be seen when he first launched his short film “Excoriated.” Apart from producing his first short film, he also made his appearance in this film. This film does not gain much popularity on local platforms; however, Allan proved himself an all-rounder.   

Louis’s father is a businessman who owns a business in the UK, Europe, UAE, and the Middle East. His father is also the principal designer of “Big Picture Agency.”   

Louis Thorton

Who is Louis Thornton’s wife?  

Louis Thornton’s longtime girlfriend was Meadow Walker, daughter of Paul Walker. Meadow is an American model and has worked with prominent fashion brands like Givenchy and Proenza Schouler.   

Her father, Paul Walker, gained popularity from the most famous sequel, Fast and Furious. He died at the age of 40 due to a car crash. This incident was shocking for not only the fans but also his toddler daughter, Meadow Walker.   

Meadow tied the knot with his longtime boyfriend, Louis Thornton-Allan. Yes, you read it right!!!  

They officially got married on October 22. She wore Givenchy’s white Gown and walked on the aisle with her godfather, Vin diesel.   

She officially announced her marriage on her Instagram profile and captioned it as, “We are married.” Louis also posted photos of their wedding day on his Instagram and captioned, “I love You.”   

The official wedding announcement came after two months of their engagement. 

What is Louis Thornton’s net worth?  

Allan’s actual net worth is still unknown. Rumors are there that many projects are upcoming. However, there is no confirmation.   

According to various sources, Allan helps his parent’s interior designing business, and his net worth is approximately $1-3 million.   


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