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Lollapalooza Argentina: Doja Cat Stops Performance To Help Fan In Distress

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Doja Cat

Doja Cat recently stopped her performance mid-way when she felt that someone from her audience was in trouble. It was recently when the American rapper was performing live at the stage when she felt that her audience member was in distress because of the crowd at the show. Meanwhile, the video showing Doja Cat stopping her show to help has been going viral on internet.

Read ahead to know more about Doja Cat stopping her performance mid-way to help audience members.

Doja Cat was performing live at Lollapalooza Argentina

The American rapper was performing live at a show in Lollapalooza Argentina when she saw someone in the crowd in trouble. It was only after that when the rapper stopped her performance mid-way to help.


She was performing at the song “Planet Her” when she noticed the troubled fan while the live show was on. Later to which, the rapper was seen directed to pause the music and stopped her performance to look into the troubled fan in the crowd. However, ever since then the video of the show has been going viral on the internet.

Doja Cat called it “Yo. Cut it!” to help her fan

As soon as the video of Doja Cat became viral, she was heard calling her performance to be stopped by shouting “Yo. Cut it!”. She certainly stopped her performance and was asking the fan if it needed help or not.

She remained patient and was observant of the situation with her fans. Moreover, her video on the internet has been praised by all as she kept eye on her fans and helped them immediately. Meanwhile, after things seemed fine, she resumed her performance again.


Fans praised Doja Cat for her kind act towards the troubled fan

It seemed as if someone in the crowd got crushed by the people and Doja was able to spot it. While she helped her fan by asking if things were fine or not. Netizens have certainly praised Doja Cat’s act of kindness towards her fans. She was reported to be saying that they can’t continue if things aren’t fine with the fans and audience.

She resumed her performance only after things in the crowd sorted out. She patiently waited for things to get fine and assured them that she will resume again.


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