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Lil Tay Ignites Feud with JoJo Siwa Over Alleged ‘Shady’ Twitter Activity

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Lil Tay and JoJo Siwa

Lil Tay via YouTube | Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Lil Tay Sparks Online Feud with JoJo Siwa Over Alleged “Shady” Tweet Like

The online world is buzzing with drama as rapper Lil Tay and pop sensation JoJo Siwa find themselves entangled in a heated feud sparked by accusations of social media activity. The 16-year-old rapper, known for her bold statements, took to Twitter to call out JoJo Siwa, accusing her of engaging in questionable behavior.

It all started when a social media user shared a clip from Lil Tay’s music video, “Sucker 4 Green,” alongside a caption aimed at JoJo Siwa. Lil Tay swiftly responded, expressing disdain for being compared to the “Karma” singer and asserting her creative prowess in crafting her own music without the need for outside assistance.

The tension escalated when a screenshot circulated, purportedly showing JoJo Siwa liking a tweet that belittled Lil Tay as “just a meme.” While the authenticity of the screenshot remains uncertain, Lil Tay seized the opportunity to unleash a fiery tirade against Siwa, labeling her as a “scary ass b***h” and challenging her to address the situation directly.

Despite Lil Tay’s provocative remarks, JoJo Siwa has maintained radio silence, leaving the feud to simmer on social media platforms. Meanwhile, Lil Tay’s confrontational post has garnered significant attention, amassing over 130,000 likes and further fueling the online dispute.

The feud takes on added significance in light of JoJo Siwa’s recent foray into more mature musical territory with her single “Karma.” Drawing comparisons to Miley Cyrus’s iconic “Bangerz” era, Siwa’s bold music video featuring lesbian themes sparked widespread conversation and controversy.

However, Siwa’s assertion of pioneering “gay pop” was met with skepticism, especially considering the contributions of artists like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga to the genre. Despite retracting her statement, Siwa’s claim stirred debate within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Additionally, Siwa faced backlash when similarities between her song “Karma” and Brit Smith’s unreleased track of the same name emerged. As fans compared the two versions, Siwa found herself embroiled in controversy surrounding the origins of her latest musical endeavor.

As tensions escalate between Lil Tay and JoJo Siwa, the online feud underscores the complexities of navigating fame and scrutiny in the digital age. With each social media post and response, the drama continues to unfold, captivating audiences and igniting debates across the internet.


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