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Liana Jade defends baby name ‘Koazy’ against online trolls

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Liana Jade and Connor Darlington have named their baby and some netizens criticized the couple for the name but now the former has reacted to it. It was recently that the couple shared the name of their baby. However, not everyone welcomed the name. But Liana has a response to them.

Read ahead to know more about Liana Jade’s responds to the backlash over her kid’s name.

Liana Jade and Connor Darlington named their baby “Koazy”

Liana Jade who is famous as an influencer recently named her baby Connor Darlington. The couple named their eight months old as “Koazy”. The pronunciation of which comes as “cozy”. While the name might have been unique. There were netizens have their reacted to the name too.

Not to miss, the name that Conor and Liana had for their newborn was certainly a topic of discussion on the internet. As the name drew a lot of attention from all which even made Liana finally react on the same.


Liana Jade faces backlash on social media for naming her baby “Koazy”

Ever since netizens got to know that Liana Jade and Connor Darlington named their baby “Koazy”. They have been criticizing the name of the baby. As many found the name to be “ridiculous”. The hint of which was even seen in the comment section of the Matt & Abby podcast “The Unplanned”.


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While Matt & Abby themselves are new parents, their podcast The Unplanned had them discuss parents who give their babies unusual names. The name that doesn’t even exist. Though they didn’t name Liana Jade and her baby’s name it became a topic of hot debate. However, after the discussion on the podcast, netizens went on to comment about Liana Jade naming her baby with one such unusual name.

Liana Jade responds to the criticism over her baby’s name

After the podcast The Unplanned however Liana Jade went on to respond to the criticism she’s been facing over her baby name “Koazy”. She said that she and Connor had thought about this name a long time ago.


On why she chose that name she said that people used to tell her how cozy the baby was getting in her belly. Adding to the criticism she said “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But it’s just different when there’s this comment section open on such a big influencer’s video of people, fully grown adults, just sat there slandering my baby’s name”.

Further, she said, “It opened a comment section to allow all of these people who didn’t like our baby name to just rip at it. It’s really upsetting”.


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