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Lemon8: The New Social Media App Everyone’s Talking About – Is It Safe?

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Amid so many social media platforms gaining popularity, some are even coming new ones in the market like Lemon8. Well, Lemon8 is the new app in the market and everyone is curious to know what it is all about. Although, TikTok was on the radar of the government for allegedly posing security threats. Everyone seems curious to know if Lemon8 is safe or not.

Read ahead to know more about Lemon8 and all about this new app.

What is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is a new app trending on the internet these days and you can’t miss knowing about it. The app comes from the company ByteDance, the same company that’s behind the popular app TikTok. However, after the TikTok controversy demanding a ban on the app in several countries.

Everyone must be curious to know about Lemon8. Well, Lemon8 is an app that’s considered a rival to Instagram and Pinterest. The app comes with a front page similar to that of Pinterest. While the other features of the app are similar to an old Instagram app. However, many don’t know about the app much.

How does Lemon8 work?

Lemon8 is having its user interface quite like TikTok having the “following” and “For You Page” too. Also, the app includes features alike Instagram and Pinterest. Where you can save and even add the posts to create a collection of it. Posting the images and videos is just how you do it on Instagram.

Captions however are similar to the ones in Pinterest. With some more features like emoji prompts like Pinterest. ByteDance is thus trying to make users love this app too like TikTok. Yet, in the US the government has been having issues with TikTok and Lemon8 must be trying to expand itself to the US too.


More about Lemon8

For all those thinking if Lemon8 is safe or not. It is as safe as other social media platforms. The app too has its own terms and conditions though. That a user must have to agree with before using it. Yet, having Lemon8 its ties with ByteDance, the company behind TikTok makes it possible for being restricted by some governments. As it happened with TikTok.

However, the company that publishes Lemon8 is different than TikTok. Thus there are certain chances that the app might not be restricted or banned in the US. However, only time can speak the truth.


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