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LeBron James Opens Up About Streaming Madden NFL 24, Twitch CEO and Adin Ross React

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LeBron James



LeBron James recently asked his fans on social media where he should stream Madden NFL 2024, to which Dan Clancy and Adin Ross quickly responded. With the Kick platform gaining popularity among users, it seems like its top streamers want LeBron James to join Kick as well. Twitch CEO Dan Clancy also didn’t hesitate to respond. Here’s how Adin and Dan responded to James.

Read ahead to learn more about how LeBron James’s post prompted reactions from Adin Ross and Dan Clancy.

LeBron James asks followers about Madden NFL 2024

With many celebrities being active on social media, LeBron James also frequently shares interactive posts. This was the case recently when he took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask his followers about Madden NFL 2024.

James asked his followers on X where he should stream Madden NFL 2024, which garnered numerous responses from his fans. However, standing out among those responses were the replies from Twitch CEO Dan Clancy and one of Kick’s top streamers, Adin Ross.


Twitch CEO Dan Clancy reacts to LeBron James’ post about Madden NFL 2024

No doubt, LeBron James’s interactive post, where he asked his followers for suggestions on where to stream Madden NFL 2024, garnered a lot of attention, with numerous responses flooding James’s post. One response that was hard to miss came from Twitch streamer Dan Clancy.

In his response to the post of James, Dan wrote, “I am a bit biased given that I run Twitch but Twitch is the best platform for engaging with your fans. You also could consider streaming on Twitch and YouTube at the same time”.

Kick streamer Adin Ross too reacts to LeBron James’ post

It wasn’t just Dan Clancy who reacted to LeBron James suggesting he should stream on Twitch, but even Kick streamer Adin Ross responded to James’s post. Ross took to social media to react to James’s post, saying, ‘Come to Kick. I’ll get you a bag of my glorious King.


Meanwhile, apart from Dan and Ross, other followers of James also gave their suggestions on LeBron’s post. Many suggested he should go with Kick, while some recommended Twitch. Others even expressed a wish to see him stream on YouTube.


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