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Lawyer of Britney Spears Accuses Her Father of Trying To Extort $2 Million

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Father seeking $2 Million before leaving conservatorship. The new lawyer of pop star stated to step down from conservatorship Jamie Spear is demanding $2 Million. Pop Star Britney Spear has been trying to free herself from his control over her life and money for over 13 years before turning to a new court.

Since July, lawyer Matthew Rosengart has been trying to remove Jamie from his post of financial controls. Earlier this month, Jamie Spear agreed to give up custody.  And he stated that he did not want a public fight with his daughter.

However, the proper date of Jamie Spear’s resignation is still not clear but he makes the paths for negotiation.

Pop Star attorney Fillings

Last Monday, Matthew Rosengart’s filling, stated that Jamie spear was trying to use his influence to compel his daughter to pay $1.3 Million in lawyer fees, $ 500,000 to Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment Group, and, as well as additional payments to Jamie Spears himself.


After filling it was very clear that Rosengart is not in the mood for negotiation. Instead of Mr. Rosengart is looking for Judge Brenda Penny to order his removal at the next court hearing, on 29th September 2021.

Britney Spears

Rosengart stated, “The status quo is no longer tolerable. Britney Spears will not be extorted,”. Jamie’s blatant attempt to trade a suspension and removal in exchange for a payout of $2 million in addition to the millions already raised by Mr. Spears and his associates from Britney Spears estate is not a principle.

Earlier pop star lawyer accused Mr. Spear of enriching himself with his daughter’s inheritance and “squandering” her fortune. Jamie Spears denies all the shits and defends his financial affairs. 

Rosengart actions against Mr. Spears

Rosengart argued: “In the end, realizing that his conservative period was about to end, Mr. Spears was obliged to retire unconditionally and not try to get anything more out of his daughter,”

Rosengart requests the court to appoint immediately one accountant and remove Jamie Spear from the seat of the conservator.


Britney criticized the conservatorship at a public hearing on June 23, saying it was offensive and unnecessary. Her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, dropped the case. Rosengart was appointed in the place of Samuel Ingham.

Jamie Spear’s filing stated that he managed his daughter’s finances properly and “pulled his assets out of debt” and faced tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits with a current value of over $ 60 million.

At the same time, he has tried to distance himself from her personal and medical care in light of Britney Spears. In the statement, it was stated that Britney is not allowed to drive in her boyfriend’s car or go to a doctor to get her IUD removed.

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