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Lawsuit Dropped: Tiger Woods’ Ex Erica Herman Waves Goodbye to $30M Battle!

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Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods is no more being sued for reportedly devising a plan to evict his ex-girlfriend from his home following their break up. According to fresh court documents obtained by The New York Post, Tiger’s ex-wife, Erica Herman, just withdrew the $30 million lawsuit she launched against his trust. Erica’s decision to abandon the action follows Tiger’s related court victory… as reported in May, a judge ordered the issue to arbitration, which Woods requested. Tiger’s former originally sued his trust in March, claiming he wrongfully forced her out of the Florida property they shared. Erica claimed she lived in Tiger’s Hobe Sound mansion for six years while they were dating, performing “valuable services” for Tiger in return for living rent-free.

Erica claimed they had an “oral tenancy agreement” that was supposed to endure five years after their separation in 2022… but she acknowledged she didn’t have it on paper. As per her alleged oral agreement, Tiger’s trust owns the mansion and she sued it for $30 million, maintaining it is its “reasonable rental value” over the next five years. When Tiger and Erica split up in the fall of 2022, she alleges Tiger devised a plan to kick her out of the house, comprising alleged false promises and an unplanned vacation. She claimed Tiger’s associates persuaded her to pack a suitcase for a vacation without Tiger, bringing her to the airport and telling her she’d been “locked out” of the house and couldn’t return. Tiger, for his part, denied ever having a pact with Erica, dismissing her as a “jilted ex-girlfriend.”


Former Girlfriend Of Tiger Woods, Erica Herman, Drops $30 million Lawsuit

An ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods has withdrawn her lawsuit claiming $30 million in damages following the golfer’s eviction from his Florida estate, according to court documents obtained by The Washington Post. Erica Herman, 39, suspended the case pending the outcome of her latest appeal of a judge’s ruling to dismiss a second lawsuit she brought in 2017 to annul a non-disclosure agreement she signed with Woods, 47. That case is still open. In the fall of 2022, she filed a case against Wood’s estate, stating that he violated the Landlord Tenant Act by deceiving her into leaving his Jupiter Island property when they split up. Herman stated that she & Woods had an “oral tenancy agreement” that gave her the right to dwell in the house as well as that she had five years left on it when they split up. A hearing in the case had been scheduled for August, but according to a court record filed on June 29, it was cancelled due to Herman’s dismissal of the action.


Through and on behalf of the undersigned counsel on behalf of the Plaintiff, ERICA HERMAN, I hereby discharge without prejudice my Complaint submitted on October 26, 2022, pending the resolution of the appeal in Herman v. Woods,” the statement read “and determination of whether her claims are subject to arbitration.” Herman filed her second appeal of a judge’s decision to reject her case seeking to lift the NDA on the basis that Woods sexually harassed her just days before the notice of dismissal. A Florida court termed the sexual misconduct charges “vague and threadbare” and decided twice that the lawsuit should be resolved through private arbitration. Herman signed the NDA in 2017 while working at Woods’ Jupiter Island restaurant, The Woods, and the two started dating. Her contention was that his pursuit of a sexual relationship with her while he was her boss constituted sexual harassment, which absolved her from her NDA responsibilities. Herman started working at The Woods in 2014, and the two began dating in 2017.


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