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Lana Del Rey Drops 8th Studio Album ‘Blue Banisters’: Listen to It Now

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Lana Del Rey (Blue Banisters)

Lana Del Rey’s widely awaited and long-awaited album Blue Banisters was launched on Friday, October 22nd. Via Polydor as well as Interscope Records.

This album is introduced by four songs: “Wildflower Wildfire,” “Text Book,” “Arcadia,”. As well as the lead tune, which included an intended worldwide release of July 4. Del Rey teased admirers about Blue Banisters well before the release of “Arcadia” last month. “I suppose you can conclude this album is around how it is like, what occurred, or what it is the same as today,” she posted on Instagram, that she has now removed.

As have the rest of her social networking profiles. “As difficult as the continuous judgment has indeed been, it seems to have at least encouraged me to discover my personal family history, to start digging, as well as to try to demonstrate that Lord solely concerns about just how I walk through into the life.”


Additionally, despite all of the skepticism about fake frailty and implausible justifications for failing to demonstrate broad responsibility, I must admit that I’ve had a lot of fun traveling across the world gracefully — as a lady of elegance and confidence.”

Blue Banisters Lana Del Rey
Blue Banisters Spotify

Tracklist for Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Banisters’

1. Textbook2. Blue Banisters
3. Arcadia
4. Interlude – The Trio
5. Black Bathing Suit
6. If You Lie Down With Me
7. Beautiful
8. Violets for Roses
9. Dealer
10. Thunder
11. Wildflower Wildfire
12. Nectar of the Gods
13. Living Legend
14. Cherry Blossom15. Sweet Carolina

“All routes which connect to you will be as important to me since arteries in Arcadia,” she sings. “That pumps the lifeblood that rushes directly to my heart, America.”

Blue Banisters follows Lana’s sixth studio album Chemtrails Over The Country Club, which scored her fifth UK No.1 record previously in the year and, establishing a new platinum album for just a female solo performer in the meantime.

Audiences also will be pleased to learn that the collection contains numerous completely unheard tracks. The dealer was initially written by Lana and record producer Jack Antonoff

for Chemtrails before even being scrapped, whilst Cherry Blossom has already been in great demand ever since it was announced in 2016.

Listen to ‘Blue Banisters’ on Spotify

Lana Del Rey Musical Career

Lana Del Rey age 35 is hardly a newcomer to the entertainment industry. During the epidemic, she was among the busiest musicians. Moreover, this year, she has created one solo record and two songs. Lana’s journey as just a singer-songwriter has been a breakthrough. Certainly including seven album tracks and three EPs to her credit.
Furthermore, Lana’s passion for music began at an early age. While her uncle introduced and taught her well how to play guitar. This sparked her busy singing career. She understood that she can make masterpieces as well as create a million tunes only with six chords.


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