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LALISA, The solo Album hits worldwide: Blackpink Album reached a Record of 700K

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Lisa: A Thai singer, dancer, and rapper, in South Korea. Lalisa Manoban, addressed as Lisa. She is one of the members of the South Korean girl group Blackpink which performs under YG Entertainment. Lisa is now the third representative of the K-Pop girl group. Lalisa debuted in 2016 as part of the Blackpink girl band.

Lisa (Blackpink)

BlackPink – The girl band:

The girl band’s debut on the solo album The Square One which consists of tracks namely Boombayah, Whistle, became well-received by K-Pop fans from all over the world. In that two songs entered into various local and international music charts including Billboard World Digital Songs Chart, China’s QQ Music, and South Korea’s, Gaon.


SinceAugust 26th, the Pre-Orders are being made. Now it exceeds 700K pre-orders.

Diehard fans of Blackpink came to know that ‘Lalisa’ has been given permission with the real name and her Thai identity. The fascinating star indicated her single album title in an Instagram post. She published an image of a sound file with the name Lalisa on that with a comment, ‘What’s my name?’
The Album pre-orders have come from regions everywhere on the planet including u. s., China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, making her music worldwide.
Now, Lisa named the highest number in pre-orders for a female solo album by a K-pop solo artist. Lisa’s solo debut album ‘Lalisa’ now sits at 3rd position on the highest 5 lists of pre-orders for albums by K-pop soloists in history.

YG Entertainment States:

This shows her confidence and bold aspirations show off her original charm in her album.

This is the first time after 2001 that a female solo performer has sold over 700K copies in Korea. After releasing the #LISA solo teaser YG entertainment’s stock hits its new high after 8 years.
Lisa’s enormous fans:
She has 58.12 million Instagram followers; the foremost among K-pop artists. ‘Lili Film’, her own YouTube channel now exceeded 8.06 million subscribers. BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has over 64.4 million subscribers, making her the world’s top female artist. Justin Bieber, the world’s highest subscriber count, Now been followed by Lisa’s subscriber count is yet to rout 64.9 million.


The highly expected album, ‘LALISA’ is ready to charm the world on September 10 at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST).
Just how fascinating is this album going to be? One can only wait and watch.

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