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Lala Kent Slammed Balenciaga For ‘horrifying’ Children Advertising Campaign

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Lala Kent

Instagram/lalaKent | Jam Press/Balenciaga


Lala Kent is furious over Balenciaga’s recent child ad campaign that seems to be disturbing. Balenciaga, one of the most popular brand was recently having its new collection displayed on social media. However, Lala Kent seems to have found something objectionable with it. Post in which she has called out Balenciaga.

Read ahead to know more about Lala Kent upset over disturbing Balenciaga child ad campaign.

Balenciaga’s recent child ad campaign

Balenciaga, the old and famous fashion house keeps adding new collection to its brand often. For which they come up with ad campaigns too. As they recently did the same with an ad campaign featuring two girl kids with plush bear bags. The pics of which were available on social media.


Balenciaga on Instagram posted pics of the two girl kids holding the bear bags. However, it seems that there’s something wrong with those new collections by Balenciaga’ having kids in them. In fact, it has already come in sight of Lala Kent and everyone else.

Lala Kent furious over Balenciaga’s child ad campaign

As Balenciaga came with a child ad campaign for supporting their spring/summer 2023 collection. The photos of the ad on Instagram caught the sight of Lala Kent. As the ad had the two girl kids holding plush bear bags with bondage gear on it.

Further, one of the set pics of the shoot looked like a document beneath a bag to be from court about child po*nography laws. Pointing out the same Lala Kent wrote “I’m sure I’ll be shadow banned…again, for posting this-but I have to”.

Adding more on the campaign she said “if you zoom in, it SEEMS to state horrifying words”. Further, she said, “reject the darkness” and “find the light” in the context of the disturbing ad campaign.

Lala Kent
Instagram/Lala Kent

Balenciaga’s reaction to Lala calling out the disturbing child ad campaign

After Lala Kent raised her voice against the child ad campaign of Balenciaga. The brand seems to have removed the ad campaign. Also, it made sure to make an apology for the same. Moreover, it mentioned in the statement “strongly condemns abuse of children in any form”.

While it also said that it’s taking action against the party responsible behind this ad campaign with unapproved items and set. To which Kent replied, “Yo, @balenciaga-YOU ARE THE PARTY RESPONSIBLE”.


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