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Kylie Jenner Is Ready To Launch ‘kylie Swim’ Again After Previous Quality Issue

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Kylie Jenner

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The 24-year-old billionaire Kylie Jenner had quit endorsing the company after customers criticized it for having cheap-looking swimwear and other quality faults.

Kylie Jenner plans to restart her “Kylie Swim” collection

The beauty mogul Kylie Jenner plans to restart her “Kylie Swim” collection. By launching a new retail location after shuttering the company due to customer complaints about how “cheap” the swimsuits are. Since the 24-year-September old’s 2021 debut of “Kylie Swim,” there hasn’t been a new collection of swimming suits. On July 11, 2022, the trademarks for “Kylie Swim” were “dismissed,” as fans suspected Kylie had shut it down because the business effort had failed.

Kylie Swim of Kylie Jenner has received additional trademark applications

However, it has come to light that Kylie offered the business a second chance by filing on July 25 to “revive” the expired trademarks. Additionally, Kylie Swim by Kylie Jenner and Kylie Swim have received additional trademark applications from the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star. The trademarks are for a clothes boutique, according to the description on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Kylie Jenner
Credit: Getty Images

“Retail shop services featuring swimwear, beachwear, accessories, and gifts,” is how the trademarks are described. Kylie had stopped promoting the company on Instagram as of June 1. Many bathing costumes are still on sale, according to the “Kylie Swim” website, while some are sold out. These clothes are priced between $40 and $85.

What were the complaints of customers of Kylie Swim?

Since ‘Kylie Swim’ was introduced last year, customers have criticized the company for the product’s subpar construction. A user posted a picture of her purchase on Tik Tok, zooming in to reveal loose threads from incomplete sewing. After complaining about how transparent the swimsuit was and displaying another swimsuit with improperly sewn threads, the TikToker lifted the object up to the window.

What was the fan’s reaction?

Fans immediately criticized Kylie and the company. She “makes so much money and couldn’t invest in manufacturing excellent swimwear,” one Tik Tok user remarked. “This just illustrates how much Photoshop her team employs,” one person added. “That’s literally so embarrassing,” a commenter said. I find it inconceivable that she would offer something for sale. Nevertheless, Kylie has found success with her “Kylie Cosmetics,” “Kylie Skin,” and “Kylie Baby” labels despite the swimsuit business’ failure. After boasting about her $72 million private jet on social media, the billionaire was recently called a “climate criminal.” Kylie had shared an image on Instagram of her private jet parked next to her boyfriend Travis Scott’s. “You want to take mine or yours?” she captioned it.


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