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KSI, The Rapper, and Youtuber announces Music Concert on Roblox

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KSI ON ROBLOX: Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI, was born on 19 June 1993. KSI is a Rapper and English Youtuber. JJ is now a famous celebrity after he was ranked second by The Sunday Times.

JJ is also a part of a British Youtube group called The Sidemen. KSI is active on Youtube since 2009 and started his debut album song, Dissimulation. He has 36 million subscribers and 8.6 billion views. He started Youtube by doing commentary on game videos.

In his musical career, he made music of Hip Hop genre and is still actively making music after starting in 2015. He has worked with huge celebrities like Lil Nas x, Backstreet Boys, etc.

In his Boxing career, KSI is called The Nightmare and fights for The Cruiserweight belt. He is 5 ft 11 inches tall and has an Orthodox way of taking a stance. Till now, he only fought once and has won the fight by KO. His opponent was Logan Paul




KSI is the next personality to perform at the Roblox concert, and players will be able to check him out later this month. The rapper announced the collaboration with Roblox on Twitter. The concert will be showing hourly showings starting on 13th at 4 P.M. Friday.

It will run through Monday, August 16th at 12 noon PDT. The events are being held for the celebration of KSI’s new album. The new album is called All Over The Place. There will be multiple tracks in this album for which fans are exciting. There will also be Q&A, a Rooftop VIP after-party, and a lot more.


Players will be given free avatar items during the whole contest: A Pair of Golden Headphones and an AOTP Hat.

As the event has not started yet, Roblox players can buy all the merchandise they need. According to KSI, All Over The Place is a very energetic and special album for everyone and so the Launch Party should also be special and energetic. His aim is to connect with the fans as he has never connected before.

Digital concerts are getting very famous nowadays. Thousands of artists love digital concerts, and so KSI decided to reach the level of a massive audience. KSI will also be bringing other Sidemen to the concert which will be a plus point for the digital platform.

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