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Kleptocracy meaning Explained as Joe Biden video goes viral

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Joe Biden

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Recently the internet went abuzz with a viral speech video of US President Joe Biden where he could be seen struggling in pronouncing the word “Kleptocracy”. Well, ever since the video went viral President. Netizens are busy finding out the meaning of the word “Kleptocracy”. So, what does that mean though?

Read ahead to know more about President Joe Biden struggling with the word “Kleptocracy” in his speech.

President Joe Biden was giving speech on Russia-Ukraine conflict

It was on Thursday this week at a press conference in the White House that President Joe Biden gave a speech. While his speech had him say a lot about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, on speaking about Russia’s act, the President found a word troubling to pronounce.

In his speech at the White House, President Biden actually got stuck at the word “Kleptocracy” which he found hard to pronounce. In his several attempts to pronounce the word. President ended up getting caught by the viewers. While now his videos stumbling on the word is going all viral.

Biden laughed at his struggle to pronounce the word “Kleptocracy”

As President went on to give his speech on what’s going on in Ukraine. His speech on America’s action came upon the word “Kleptocracy”. While Biden tried to pronounce it right. He ended up saying that word multiple times not in a proper way.

In fact, as Biden struggled and fumbled with the word “Kleptocracy”. He himself couldn’t stop laughing at the awkward moment during his speech. Well, ever since that time of the speech. Social media is with videos of Biden struggling with the word. However, netizens are also trying to know the meaning of the word “Kleptocracy”.

Meaning & pronunciation of the word “Kleptocracy”

Though President Biden found the word “Kleptocracy” to be hard to pronounce. It isn’t that hard though. You can pronounce the word as “Klep-tohc-racy”. However, if you don’t know the meaning of the word yet. Then here’s what it means.

The word “Kleptocracy” refers to a government that corruptly tries to take advantage of the citizens for wealth and other means. Not to miss, Twitter on the viral video of Biden found it to be hilarious. While many have a critical reaction to the stumble of President Joe Biden. Though the video trended a lot on the internet and continues with the same.


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