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Kick Streamers N3on and Jack Doherty Banned After Heated On-Stream Brawl

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N3on and Jack Doherty

Image via Kick@n3on


The Kick streaming platform has suspended the channels of controversial content creators Rangesh “N3on” and Jack Doherty following a violent altercation during their live IRL streams. The incident took place at the BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) event in Florida, where the two personalities clashed, leading to a brawl that quickly escalated.

N3on and Doherty, known for their contentious presence within the Kick community, were both attending the BKFC event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood resort. During the event, the two streamers encountered each other in the arena, and tensions rapidly boiled over into a physical confrontation. Security personnel intervened and removed both parties from the venue, but the conflict did not end there.

As N3on was being escorted out of the resort, Jack Doherty approached him from behind and reignited the brawl. This second altercation was quickly broken up by N3on’s personal security team, but not before significant damage was done, including N3on’s shirt being torn in the scuffle.


The immediate aftermath saw Kick taking action by banning both streamers’ channels, which are currently offline. The platform’s decision to suspend N3on and Doherty comes as no surprise, given the severity of the incident and its implications for community guidelines and safety. However, it remains unclear if these bans are permanent or temporary.

The incident has been widely discussed on social media, with verified streaming pages sharing updates on the situation. One tweet read, “Kick Streamer ‘N3on’ Has Just Been Banned For Getting Into A Fight With Jack Doherty..😭,” while another stated, “Jack Doherty Has Just Been Banned For Assaulting N3on..😭”

Both N3on and Jack Doherty have a history of controversies, making them polarizing figures on the Kick platform. Their latest clash appears to have crossed a line, prompting Kick to take decisive action against both streamers. The initial confrontation occurred when N3on approached Doherty inside the arena, leading to an exchange of punches. Clips of the fight circulated online, showcasing the intensity of the brawl.

Despite being separated and removed from the event, Doherty’s decision to pursue N3on outside the arena further exacerbated the situation. This relentless pursuit underscores the volatility between the two streamers and the potential risks associated with such public confrontations.


While Kick’s bans send a strong message about the platform’s stance on violence and misconduct, the broader impact on N3on and Doherty’s streaming careers remains to be seen. The streaming community will be watching closely to see how both personalities respond and whether they will address the incident publicly.

For now, the suspension of N3on and Jack Doherty serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professional conduct, even in the highly competitive and often provocative world of online streaming.


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