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Kettering, Ohio’s Unexplained UFO Lights: Alien Visit or Phenomenon?

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UFO Kettering

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A TikTok video showing three UFO-like objects hovering in the sky above Kettering, Ohio has sparked debate on the internet about extraterrestrials once again. Well, in the past few months, the topics of aliens and UFO sightings have been on the rise. However, no evidence to prove the same has come out.

Read ahead to know more about the video showing three UFOs hovering above Kettering, Ohio going viral on the internet.

Video of three UFOs hovering over Kettering, Ohio goes viral

In the past, you may have seen a lot of videos about UFO sightings going viral. However, the reaction to such videos was mixed. Many believed in them and many denied the claims of the video. Once again we have come across a video of UFO sightings and it’s going viral.

@mysteriesman_01 This Footage was taken in Kettering, Ohio on 9-3-2023. There appears to be 3 glowing hovering objects. They seem to mine very slowly over the night sky while all 3 slowly disappear right on front of your eyes. Speculation with some UFOs that they are interdimensional and can travel through dimensions. Is this what is going on here? Let me know what you think in the comments. Like, Share & Follow Please! New content added daily! #ufo
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The TikTok video shared actually shows three bright UFO-like objects hovering in the sky of Kettering, Ohio. Certainly, this has made the users of social media talk about the extraterrestrials. But is the video of the UFO in Ohio real?

More about three UFO sightings in Kettering, Ohio

The video of three UFOs hovering over Kettering, Ohio came on the TikTok account of MysteryMan. The video showed three bright objects similar to a UFO flying in the sky over Kettering that’s a suburb in the city of Dayton. The caption of the video gave some more insight into the video.

The caption of the video read “This incredible footage was taken September 3rd, 2023, in Kettering, Ohio, which is a suburb of the city of Dayton”. It had further written, “Regardless of what these are and where they come from, they are incredible to see”.

UFO Kettering
David Wall | Getty Images

Users’ reaction to video of three UFOs hovering over Kettering, Ohio

Previously too users have got to see many such videos claiming to have spotted UFOs. The truth behind the same didn’t come out. Moreover, even with this new Ohio’s three UFO sighting videos, the exact source of its origin hasn’t been known.

The users have surely reacted to the viral TikTok video. As one wrote, “They can be starlink rockets. They are seen from many regions”. Another one said they might have been something AI-generated or CGI. But it has been making everyone curious to know about the extraterrestrials.


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