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Karlissa Saffold Urges Kim Kardashian for Help in Freeing Blueface and Chrisean Rock

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Karlissa Saffold

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Karlissa Saffold, the mother of rapper Blueface, has taken to social media to plead with Kim Kardashian for assistance in securing the release of her son and Chrisean Rock from jail. The plea comes after Rock was arrested on a felony warrant while accompanying Blueface in court earlier this week.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Karlissa Saffold implored Kardashian to utilize her platform to help free the incarcerated couple. “Can you please get my grandson’s parents out of Jail!!!” Saffold wrote on her Instagram Story, highlighting the dire situation facing her family.

Addressing speculation surrounding Rock’s arrest, Saffold vehemently denied any involvement in contacting law enforcement. “My son and his BM know damn well I ain’t called no cops,” she clarified in a follow-up post. She expressed her faith that justice will prevail and that the truth will come to light regarding the circumstances leading to Rock’s arrest.

During an emotional Instagram Live session, Saffold opened up about the challenges her family has faced in the aftermath of Rock’s incarceration. She recounted a heated disagreement with Blueface’s father regarding the care of their grandchild following Rock’s arrest.

Karlissa Saffold emphasized the importance of familial support during such trying times, criticizing Blueface’s father for not stepping up to care for their grandchild. “When the mama and the daddy are in jail, that’s not babysitting, that’s called grandparenting,” she asserted. “I didn’t like his verbiage, so I lost my temper,” she added, reflecting on the tense exchange.


In her impassioned plea, Saffold highlighted the urgent need for solidarity and assistance from the community during moments of crisis. As the legal proceedings unfold, she remains hopeful that Kardashian’s intervention will help bring about a resolution and reunite Blueface and Rock with their loved ones.


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