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Kanye West, Drake Teaming Up After Their Beef to Free Chicago Gang Leader Larry Hoover

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Larry Hoover

Kanye West and Drake have settled their rivalry by working together on a charity concert to liberate Chicago gang boss Larry Hoover.

West and Drake announced on Instagram Saturday that they will play at a benefit concert for Hoover’s pardon. On the 9th of December at the Memorial Coliseum in L.A.

West’s post had captioned “God’s Plan,” a reference to Drake’s 2018 single

The main attraction of the show will be Kanye West and Drake will be the special guest for the night. They will almost definitely share the stage for the first time after years of animosity.


Hoover is serving punishment for allegedly murdering a 19-year-old drug dealer

An illegal narcotics network controlled by the co-founder of the Gangster Disciples, now doing time in prison, brought in an astonishing $100 million every year. During their 2018 encounter, Kanye and former President Trump discussed the release of Hoover.

Larry Hoover

Reportedly Drake’s mentor James Prince teased their collaboration to liberate Larry Hoover

According to sources, Hoover’s son, Larry Hoover Jr., teased the duet on the “Murder Master Music Show” earlier this week.

“We must inform the authorities that we want Larry Hoover to be a part of our community.” According to J. Edgar Hoover Jr.


Drake and Kanye West were seen together in a photograph on social media with Dave Chappelle just a few weeks ago. They declared to the public for the first time that they had finally reached an understanding in their long-running quarrel. Perhaps for a cause close to their hearts.


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