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Justin Bieber Fortune in 2023 After Canadian Singer Sold His Music Catalog for $200 Million

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Justin Bieber



Justin Bieber has been reported as selling his entire music catalog and that’s hinting at his increase in net worth. Well, Justin Bieber has already been a popular singer who has an immense fan following across the world. This makes his songs popular too and now he has been reported as selling that entire music catalog. But everyone’s curious to know about Justin’s net worth in 2023.

Read ahead to know more about Justin Bieber selling his entire music catalog and about his net worth in 2023.

Justin Bieber reportedly sold his music catalog

Some time back we even got to know about other singers like Justin Timberlake, and Neil Diamond, for selling their music catalog. While now the name comes Justin Bieber too. Yes, as per reports Beiber has been reported of selling his entire music catalog for about $200 million.

With great hit tracks in list of Justin Bieber’s like Sorry, Love Yourself, and more. We couldn’t have expected him of selling his entire music catalog for less than the amount mentioned according to the reports. Thus this has made all think if this is going to increase the net worth of Justin Bieber in 2023 or not.

Justin Bieber’s net worth in 2023

According to the reports, it was said that Justin Bieber sold his music catalog for an amount of $200 million to Hipgnosis. The music catalog sold by Justin includes those that were published before the date 31st of December 2021. It includes Bieber’s album Justice as well. But everyone’s curious to know the net worth of Justin Bieber now.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Justin Bieber is believed to be having a net worth of $400 million. He is considered among one of the highest paid entertainer in the world who has even sold 150 million records of him. While now it is expected that the selling of music catalog of Justin would increase his net worth in 2023.


More about Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been one of the favorite singers of all. To keep his fans happy he keeps performing live in concerts and tours of him too. However, back in 2022, he had to cancel his 2022 tour. Which was due to his being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Due to the same syndrome, Justin took a break and even shared a video with his fans talking about how Ramsay Hunt Syndrome has affected him. Which happens when the nerves in the inner ear are attacked by a virus. However, he has lately been doing fine.


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