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Julia Oston Viral Video Goes Viral As Netizens Claim Scam It On Internet

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Julia Oston

Another social media influencer, Julia Oston made headlines on the internet. Julia Gwyneth Ostan is her full name. A video and some pictures leaked over the internet that featured Julia. Some people are scamming while others are asking for the link to the viral video. Social media influencer and a model by profession, Julia Oston become Twitter trending but for a scandalous viral video but many do not even know who is Julia Gwyneth Oston? Read more to know more!

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Who is Julia Gwyneth Oston?

According to reports, Julia Gwyneth Oston, a 17-year-old is a model who represented Talisay City in Lin-ay Sung Negros last year. She was 16 when Julia got crowned in the contest. She tried her luck into modeling and later she became a star on social media platforms. Her official handle on Instagram is not available but fans search her by @liagwnyth. Julia has a TikTok account as well with the username @liagwynth. She is also not very active on Facebook.

Julia Oston

She also has a rare disease that was revealed according to sources. Julia Oston has heterochromia iridium and because of this, she has two unique colored eyes. The two colors are different and one eye is brown and the other is blue. This rare disease also made her famous after the GMA TV Broadcast that explained it. Because of her eye color uniqueness, she was often referred to as Alien in her school. But, she won the crown and proved that her flaws are beautiful. She gets 3.4 million likes on her TikTok video. Julia often receives modeling offers for clothing and accessories brands.

She belongs to Talisay City and is a student from STI West Negros University. The family of Julia Oston is complete with her father Mr. Mateo and mother Mrs. Jinalyn. There are no reports about her current status of the relationship. Julia was crowned as new Lin Ai Minuluan in 2020.


Reality Of Viral Video

People on social media are getting crazy after her scandalous video leaked over the internet. This received a lot of attention from netizens and many asked for the viral video link openly. There is not much information available about how the video leaked and who did it. But it is an injustice that some anonymous person leaked her private videos and people are looking for it. Some people on the internet are openly scamming and dealing to offer the viral video link of Julia.

Julia Oston is not the first to suffer through such a scandalous phase. Cassandra Delasantos is another girl whose video got leaked and went viral.


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