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Julia Erokhina OnlyFans Photos and Videos Leaked on Internet

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Julia Erokhina



Who Is Julia Erokhina? Why has she been trending recently? These questions are being searched on google by a vast majority of the internet users, wishing to find information about her. So without further ado let’s get to the topic.

Nowadays on social networking and social media sites, there are several viral scandals that come to which to the fore and in the limelight. These are usually associated with some sort of controversy and frequently enough these incidents turn into highly debatable topics. Julia Erokhina is on this list and due to this she has grabbed the attention of many headlines, social media buzz, and google searches. Hence, she is our topic of discussion for today.

Who is Julia Erokhina?

She’s a model, who likes to post flaunting pictures and videos on her Instagram and other social media platforms. She is 5’3 (160cms) and has brown eyes. She is a content creator who likes to try out new fashion trends. From sources, it is known that she always had a passion for modeling and wanted to become a model one day. Her net worth is unknown. Her Instagram account handle is @e_r_o_s_h_i_k.

Few Important details about Julia Erokhina

She was born on 30th September 1997 in Dolgoprudny, Russia, and is currently 24 years old. She is said to be a creative artist and has taken her primary education from her local hometown. She attended school at the Smolensk State Pedagogical University. She is also said to have graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. She is a Russian model who currently resides in Moscow, Russia.

Julia’s interests and ideology

Julia said that the people in Moscow are very stylish. She stated that there are many designers and people often wear clothes from designers. Her favorite brands include Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Dolce Gabbana.

She was interested in fashion when she was a child. She also dreams of opening her own fashion line one day. Her favorite designer is Anna Sui (American Fashion Designer). Her other clothes brands are Moschino Cheap & Chic and Balmain.


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