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Jordan Turpin Tiktok: ‘House of Horrors’ Survivor Becomes Tiktok Star With Nearly 500k Followers

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Jordan Turpin

Instagram/Jordan Turpin


“House of horrors” survivor Jordan Turpin turned into a popular TikTok star following abuse.

Having found her way out of captivity, Jordan Turpin, 21, has taken to social media since discovering her parents had been convicted of torturing her and her siblings. Her parents, David and Louise Turpin, had been convicted of torture, false imprisonment, and endangerment.

After escaping her family home and calling 911 in January 2018, Jordan helped to rescue her brothers and sisters. Video clips of her dancing have accumulated more than 1.7 million views on TikTok.

Four years ago, Jordan, then just 17 years old, escaped from her parents’ home in Perris, California. She grew up in a hellish environment.


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Turpin forgot her troubles of the past as she has taken to social media, putting her p ast aside as she concentrates on the present.


She has become an independent adult and is doing quite well. That is vastly different from how she was back in 2017 and 2018.

Turpin’s Rise To Fame On Social Media

The Jordan Turpin escaped from her home in Parris, California, in January 2018. Following her escape from the residence, she called 911 to report her situation. Lastly allowing her and her siblings to leave behind the house of horrors. 

The whole truth was revealed to them. Several newspapers dubbed the house ‘The House of Horrors’. However, Jordan Turpin has largely remained out of the case, as she discussed the matter in Diane Sawyer’s interview.  

“We don’t go to school, we live in filth, we starve. And all the stuff,” she told Diane Sawyer. Afterward, detailed information emerged about how the Turpins shackled their children to beds, beaten them, and denied them basic hygiene, like showers.

A police investigation resulted in the arrest of her parents. Her parents, who pleaded guilty to various felonies last year, were given life sentences with possible parole after serving 25 years.


During this period, her parents David and Louise were both sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years. Jordan Turpin appears to have moved on from the case and found her niche in TikTok after being behind bars.

 She joined the social media platform in May of 2021 and has shared more than 80 videos since then. After building up a substantial fan base of more than 475,000 and 2.7 million likes, she was verified by the app in mid-January. 

Her videos demonstrate how she enjoys playing with different colored lipsticks in her various videos, and she also appears to have developed her makeup skills quickly.

Additionally, she models stylish outfits, including athleisure wear and denim jackets.


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