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Jon Stewart Reveals His New Show After Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has been away from his daily responsibilities from the TV for 6 years. He needed a reset for himself between his step down from The Daily Show before re-joining The Problem with Jon Stewart as he actually became like Forrest Gump, Jon says.

Jon Stewart’ life after The Daily Show:

He said he underwent a wide eye-opening in the best of his ways. Initially, Public perception regarding the withdrawal from TV shows after the success of The Daily Show could be due to diminishing some other important aspects of life. Also, the experiences removing from the opportunity previously had which followed by the success. It could be missing but it seems like he is enjoying simple works; such as picking up his two children from school, noting and commenting about their conversation from the backseat of the car on the way from school. He has two children Nathan 17, Maggie 15.


Things he missed but accomplished later:

He mentions, his show The Problem with Jon Stewart is eight episodes in slate order, not like Monday-Thursday grind. He thinks this is what they called as balance. 

Jon Stewart

Things Jon wanted to accomplish previously, eventually, he is doing it. They are like helping veterans and also firefighters. Jon has done standup which is also on his list. 

He adds, he feels like a Forrest Gump when he came out leaving the show. Stewart references the person who sees color for the first time in his life, also; denoting the simple life he is going through, like no need to swipe the card, going grocery shopping. Jon likes everything he is experiencing that is so simple, lively, and in the present moment. 

An outlet time for him:

Jon says, he is been in a break before where he presumably took so many things to weigh in and out. Previously, in his career, he never thought of having an outlet and measuring things like “another show” or “getting things off of his chest at frequent times. Now, when he came with an idea such as The Problem with Jon Stewart

 it makes him think like diving deep into one problem, that totally making him sense now. He says, “Oh that feels like an evolution”, he was motivated by the plan. 

He added, his children and Tracey are enough of him. Jon jokingly says, why doesn’t he do two of the shows a day. Also, he took his children to drum classes during his leisure time, and he finds it great. 

The Problem with John Stewart is all set to stream from September 30th. 


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