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Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Dating, Check all the Details after Their Instagram Video

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Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler

Comedian Jo Koy on 31st August came to Instagram. He shares his memorable experience at a Los Angeles Dodgers game.
But to everyone’s surprise, he was not alone. Comedian Chelsea Handler is with him numerous times.
This is starting to create a buzz amongst fans and followers and in media. Everyone has the same question in their mind, Is Jo Koy dating Chelsea Handler?

Jo Koy began his career in 1994, at a comedy club in Las Vegas. He started to gain popularity with his open mics.
He, later on, opt to rent Huntridge Theatre for his shows. Jo Koy uses to sell his tickets himself. A Los Angeles’ Talent coordinator landed him in his first television show. He is in two seasons of Comic view.

Jo Koy

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler

The two have certainly remained on one another list for quite some time, given their tremendously accomplished comic backgrounds.

Moreover, Koy says that he passed down the opportunity to work with Handler on Chelsea Lately. I don’t want to see myself as the sidekick. I know that if I take it on, I will clearly work as Chelsea Handler’s sidekick. Andy Richter or Ed McMahon is not someone I want to be. Jo Koy is somebody I desire to be.


On the phone, she screamed at me. Using every slur possible, telling me this is the craziest decision you could ever end up making. I struck against the show.  Despite knowing that she knows this is likely to be a big hit if I’m in. 

Chelsea Handler

As a result of Chelsea’s intervention, everyone assumed I was a cast member because I appeared so frequently on the show. That’s what makes Chelsea so famous. This gesture by her was beautiful.  She knows that a show of that magnitude requires a crew.

The two have yet to officially address relationship rumors, and for the time being, it appears like they’re just close friends.

Comedians dating history in past

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler’s dating news may not be real. But, Filipino-American singer Angie King is Jo Koy’s ex-wife. Despite being a happy couple, they couldn’t work things out. They both are close friends, even after their divorce. They both have a son together and support each other on different occasions.

Alternatively, Chelsea was dating Ted Harbert who is the CEO of Comcast. The pair split up in 2010. The reason Chelsea gave for her separation was her work. She didn’t like to watch her show after returning back. There were other small issues that led to differences between the couple.

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