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Jessi Opens Up About Sunmi Reportedly Replacing Her On Showterview

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Jessi, the host of the first season of the selection talk show Showterview, said that she was unaware that she was being replaced. The singer of What Kind of X responded to a fan’s Instagram comment by saying she “didn’t know however good luck to them,” in reference to the employees of the range shown.

The singer then addressed the misunderstanding on Instagram Live in order to prevent her words from being misinterpreted. Jessi made it clear that she had taken a break and wasn’t sure whether the present would come back or not. She also said that it didn’t seem like they would come back.

She continued, nonetheless, that even after learning that she had been replaced by fans, she “didn’t feel bitter at all.”

Jessi learned she had lost her job as presenter of the Showterview, “I just found out yesterday”

Nunu Nana vocalist Jessi is well known for her likable demeanor and straightforward, unadorned opinions. As a result, the chat show, also known as Jessi’s Showterview, immediately became well-liked. She imbued her K-pop idol visitors with sarcastic, insane, and previously unseen identities.

PSY appeared as a special guest on the final episode of Jessi’s Showterview, which aired on April 29. After several months of radio silence, Sunmi was named the new host by SBS, according to South Korean media outlets. Both the network and Sunmi have yet to issue a formal statement on the subject.


As soon as word of her passing spread, Jessi’s fans sent heartfelt messages on her photos in the comments section. Despite not being informed of the change, Jessi replied and wished them well.

After that, Jessi went live on Instagram and discussed the SBS variety show as well as other topics. She made it clear that she fully supports Sunmi by being direct and honest.

“I am in a place right now, and this is from the bottom of my heart, like there’s no point for me to bulls**t about anything. I really wish the best for Sunmi.”

The Cold-Blooded singer noted that Showterview was plagued with doubts. But things appear to be improving now that her buddy Sunmi has taken her position.

Responses from the public about Sunmi possibly hosting the upcoming season

Fans were supportive of Sunmi hosting the new season. But fans also expressed sadness because Jessi was well known for bringing out the best and most entertaining qualities of idols through her candid interviews. She would laugh about things like smoking, getting plastic surgery, telling adult jokes, abusing people, and more.


The vocalist from Gashina won’t be able to add that touch, according to the audience. Not everyone is like them. As she hosted the show on her terms, Jessi said during the Livestream that she was certain the next season would be different.

“To be honest, I know that it’s going to be different because, I know guys, one thing about ‘Showterview’ was actually not scripted. “

Additionally, she urged supporters to help Sunmi and Showterview, telling them that “it’s better than nothing.”

Sunmi received support from the well-known Zoom vocalist during her livestream. She also remarked to admirers that, occasionally, “strange is good,” which made them eager for a potential second season with the Gashina singer.


Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) programme at the School of Mass Communication, KIIT Deemed University, Bhubaneswar.

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