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Jamie Lynn Scott’s University of South Carolina racist video takes over social media

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Jamie Lynn

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A video of social media influencer Jamie Lynn Scott delivering a racist rant is making rounds on social media platforms.

Here is everything you need to know.

More about Jamie Lynn Scott’s viral racist rant video

A TikTok user named @samvc213 recently shared a video of Jamie Lynn Scott where she can be seen using the N-word repeatedly against Black people. 

Moreover, the video was supposedly filmed in the 5 Points area of Columbia, South Carolina

In addition, she says, ‘f**k that fat n**ga.’

Besides that, when someone asked her who she is, the TikToker swiftly replied, ‘it’s Jamie. Jamie Lynn, if you want to know baby!’ 

Furthermore, when someone questioned her whether she was going to college, Scott  said, ‘USC, baby!’

Scott then went on to ask the woman behind the camera filming the video about how many people followed her.

Later in the video, Scott repeatedly uses the N-word against a man. She then calls a Black woman a ‘Black b***h’ in the next portion of the clip.

However, towards the end, Scott can be heard shouting that she loves ‘clout.’

Social media users react to Jamie Lynn Scott’s viral racist rant

Unsurprisingly, netizens were left horrified by the viral video of Jamie Lynn Scott.

In addition, many users took to their social media handles to slam the youngster and claimed that she should be held accountable for her actions.

A user wrote, ‘She will pay for this for a long time.’

Another user chimed in to say, ‘Humility and shame. Excellent everyday karma gifts. Basic decency shouldn’t be so difficult.’

Someone else pointed out, ‘incoming “i was drunk, i never do this, it’s so out of character for me” apology… 3..2…1….’

A different user penned, ‘Hmmm South Carolina… I’m thinking this racist white girl will get away with it.’

The University of South Carolina addresses Jamie Lynn Scott’s viral video

The University of South Carolina took to its official Twitter account to respond to Jamie Lynn Scott’s viral video in which she alleges that she is a USC student. 


However, the educational institution confirmed that Scott is not a student at USC.

The message read, ‘Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have no record of this individual ever being enrolled as a student at the University of South Carolina.’

Meanwhile, it remains unclear which college Scott attended or is completing her studies from. Additionally, multiple netizens have come forward to claim that she is studying at Central Carolina Technical College.

But these claims are not yet confirmed by official sources.


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