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James Gunn Confirms Booster Gold News in Bumper DC Announcement

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Booster Gold

A new tv series on the Justice League character Booster Gold is arriving and surely you must be excited to know about the same. Well, DC co-Ceo James Gunn has come with many announcements recently. Among these, we have one announcement connected to the new series Booster Gold too. So, what are we expecting from the Booster Gold series?

Read ahead to know more about the new series Booster Gold and all its latest updates.

James Gunn on new tv series on Booster Gold

James Gunn has recently made some major announcements on what we can expect for sure in the coming years. As we will have Batman and Superman to return too. While some new team with superheroes is to arrive as well.

Among others, we had one new tv series announced too. That will have Booster Gold, the lesser-known character of the Justice League to come up to. James Gunn announced the same tweeted “Here are just a few of our plans. Up, up and away!”.

James Gunn on the character Booster Gold

Gunn opened up on the new series Booster Gold saying that it is one of the comic’s cult heroes. Explaining a little more about the character Gunn said “He’s a fascinating guy. He’s a loser from the future who uses future technology to come back to the present day and becomes a superhero so that people will love him”.

Though not everything has come out about the new series on Booster Gold. What we know about its arrival is that it will come on HBO Max. The release date of the same may come out later.

Booster Gold
Justice League Action via @dckids

More about the character Booster Gold and its origin

Though the Justice League character Booster Gold has been something lesser known to many. One can find the character even back in the 1980s. As the character existed in its very own comic by DC veteran Dan Jurgens. That gives an insight into what the character was all about.

The series wasn’t really a short one too as it had about 25 issues of it. Moreover, being a not-so-popular character it appeared in Time Masters, Extreme Justice, and many more including Justice League. While fans are once again excited to know more about the character Booster Gold that’s expected soon.


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