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Jake Paul’s Boxing Coach BJ Flores Hospitalized after Robbery and Gunshot Wound

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BJ Flores

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Jake Paul’s boxing coach BJ Flores was hospitalized after being shot and robbed recently. Flores has been a former pro boxer and coach to the popular influencer Jake Paul. However, lately, Flores shared videos on social media sharing about his life-threatening incident. As he was being shot in the leg.

Read ahead to know more about Jake Paul’s boxing coach hospitalized after getting shot and robbed.

Jake Paul’s coach BJ Flores shot and robbed at gunpoint

Recently, Jake Paul’s boxing coach BJ Flores has recently shared a life-threatening incident that he faced. On the Instagram stories lately, he shared that he was shot in the leg and robbed at gunpoint. In the video shared by Flores, he shared his cuts along with wounds on the side of his head and hand.

Flores was hospitalized after the incident and showed himself laying on the hospital bed. The caption of the video read “Quick update, awaiting surgery to remove bullet”. Not to forget, the incident took place when Flores was traveling to Colombia.


BJ Flores hospitalized after gunshot

BJ Flores shared Instagram stories showing himself in the hospital. Where he even showed his right thigh with a bandage. While there were blood stains on the bed too. He even had a text conversation posted on social media. As he wrote in it “Look at my head where he had the gun”.

He went on to share one more clip giving a detailed insight into what happened to him. As he mentioned that he and his group were targeted. He said “We were definitely targeted. They couldn’t have possibly seen my watch when i was sitting in the passenger’s seat on my left hand. So, we were definitely targeted. You know, it is what it is. I’m still alive. Everything’s good. I’m happy”.

Jake Paul reacts to his coach BJ Flores situation

Jake Paul however on the whole incident gave his reaction as he wished his coach a fast and speedy recovery with a repost of the MVP message. As the MVP message read “MVP is grateful that coach BJ Flores is safe after the attempted robbery against him. Please join us in wishing him a fast and healthy recovery”.


Although, Jake Paul’s known ones aren’t targeted the first time. Back in 2021, Paul’s brother’s music producer was shot in Puerto Rico too. However, he wasn’t harmed in the incident. Yet, the other in the Uber with him was hospitalized and eventually had to be treated to get him fine.


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