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Jake Paul video Resurfaces: From Refusing to Fight Mike Tyson to Embracing the Challenge

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Jake Paul

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A video clip from 2020 featuring Jake Paul expressing his reluctance to fight boxing legend Mike Tyson has resurfaced amidst news of their upcoming bout in July. In the video, Paul, who was then 2-0 as a boxer, told TMZ, “Look, I’m confident, but I’m not stupid. I would not go into the ring with them. Nah, no chance.”

The unexpected announcement of the fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson has sent shockwaves through the sporting world. The bout is set to take place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas and will be streamed live on Netflix, marking a significant moment for both fighters and the streaming platform.

Despite his earlier hesitance, Paul’s decision to step into the ring with Tyson underscores his newfound commitment to his boxing career. The fight is expected to be an exhibition match, adding to the intrigue surrounding the event. Tyson’s last fight was an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr in November 2020, further adding to the anticipation surrounding his return to the ring.


Gabe Spitzer, VP of Sports Nonfiction at Netflix, expressed excitement about the upcoming event, stating, “Mike Tyson is one of the biggest icons in boxing history and Jake Paul is one of the biggest disruptors in boxing history. Saturday, July 20 will be pure drama in the ring in Texas.”

The announcement of the Paul-Tyson fight has garnered mixed reactions from fans and fellow fighters alike. British YouTuber and boxer KSI took to social media to mock the matchup, expressing disbelief at the decision to pit Paul against the legendary Tyson. KSI’s criticism adds an extra layer of controversy to an already highly anticipated event.

However, Paul’s focus seems to be on more than just his upcoming bout with Tyson. Following his victory over Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico, Paul took the opportunity to call out Mexican boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez, urging him to stop “ducking” and accept the challenge. This bold move indicates Paul’s ambition to compete at the highest level of the sport, despite his relatively short professional career.


Nevertheless, Alvarez has dismissed Paul’s challenge in the past, advising him to “stay in his lane.” The exchange highlights the divide between established boxing veterans like Alvarez and newcomers like Paul, who have made waves in the sport through unconventional means.

In conclusion, the resurfacing of Jake Paul’s past comments adds an intriguing dimension to his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson. As the date draws nearer, anticipation continues to build, with fans eagerly awaiting the clash between these two contrasting figures in the world of boxing.


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