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Jake Paul, The Youtuber, Boxer Roasted By Pete Davidson on SNL; He Wants Payback

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Jake paul and Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson performed a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live where he acted as Jake Paul. Jake is coming back at Pete for this portrayal. 

What happened?-

Pete Davidson who is a comedian did a skit on SNL where they were a part of a show called Mellen. The skit was a parody of the Ellen DeGeneres show and featured Jason playing Mellen (the host). Pete played Jake Paul on the show and is introduced as “The Man, the Myth, the Myth, Jake Paul”.  He is also referred to as a blonde-haired “problem child”.

Jake paul SNL
Image: Jake Paul on SNL

In the interview on being asked who he would like to fight next, Pete as Jake replies with Muhammad Ali. When he is told that Ali isn’t alive he goes on to say that he’s coming for him in his grave.  “And it’s in the contract. If I win, you (Muhammad Ali) have to change your name back to Cassius Clay,” adds Pete . he takes a dig at the famous YouTuber portraying him as absent-minded and dumb. 

Even though the audience could not stop laughing, this skit offended him. He posted the SNL video on his Instagram and captioned it as  “Lol @nbcsnl got jokes. This was funny Pete but I’m still slapping you when I see you next.” 

Not the first feud between Jake Paul and Pete Davidson-

Pete also roasted Jake in 2019, during the Jake Paul VS Ben Askren. Commenting on the match he said that it was a wild day for boxing as it showed how low “it” had sunk. He also said,” they both suck but, you know, at least somebody’s gonna get hurt”. The match lasted for a short duration of time with Jake winning against Askren. Even when Jake wasn’t happy with Pete’s comments and replied by saying that he will never be a part of his boxing events again. 

Jake paul who is a famous American personality is also a boxer and has over 20 million subscribers on youtube. Jake has a score of 4-0 in boxing( 3 by knockout and 1 by decision). People weren’t expecting such a response from him because he has been involved in drama with a lot of YouTubers and boxers. He has roasted people publicly and now that he himself was put through the same, he is not liking it. People seem to be supporting Pete for his comedic representation and some are even saying that Jake is over-reacting.


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