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Jake Gyllenhaal Sent Taylor Swift’s Fans Into A Frenzy With A New Red-themed Photoshoot

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Jake and Taylor

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal


Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship might be over but it seems that the recent rumours are all about the duo. A new song by Taylor Swift has yet again brought the star united with her ex Jake Gyllenhaal at least in rumours. Yes, the song All Too Well by Taylor is in limelight for being connected to her relationship and breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Swift went to re-record Red, a version from her side recently. Fans were keen to notice both Jake and Taylor with their recent projects and found a lot of clues about one another in the same.

Why Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift’s relationship is in rumours again?

Red, the song album by Taylor Swift was initially recorded and released in 2012. However, last year in November Taylor Swift went back to record Red as a Taylor version having a song All Too Well which is believed to be written after a split from Jake Gyllenhaal.
On the other hand, Jake Gyllenhaal has recently been seen doing a photoshoot with a red theme hinting somewhat towards Taylor’s Red.


What is Jake’s Version of Red?

Well, fans of Taylor Swift believes that the recent photoshoot of Jake Gyllenhaal is all red themed where he can be seen wearing a red shirt and with red heart-shaped sunglasses. Fans were quick to notice that Taylor Swift was wearing similar red heart-shaped sunglasses in Red album.
Fans of Taylor and Jake cited the photoshoot of the latter as Jake’s version of Red. Jake however did the photoshoot for W Magazines.

Rumours around Red themed photo shoot of Jake

A pic from the W Magazine photoshoot shows Jake walking on a red carpet in an envelope. Fans looking at the pic were prompt to comment that All Too Well has its lyrics with a depiction of a mail and a scarf in it. Rumours have been even doing rounds citing that Jake’s photoshoot was earlier named Red, Jake’s version which was later changed.
Yet no rumours were accepted by Jake Gyllenhaal as true in the interview that he attended after the photoshoot. Fans are however believing the photoshoot to be a troll by Jake on Taylor Swift’s recent Red version.


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