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J. Cole’s Manager Sets the Record Straight: No Dissing NBA YoungBoy

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J Cole

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As fans believed J. Cole dissed NBA YoungBoy in his latest collab, the manager of the former has dismissed the fans’ claims. Well, often rappers are rumoured to be dissing each other via their songs and something similar happened with the recent collab of J. Cole too. But here’s what his manager had to say about it.

Read ahead to know more about J. Cole’s manager dismisses claims about the rapper dissing NBA YoungBoy in his recent collab.

Recent collab of J. Cole with Lil Yachty

Collabs between two or more music artists often happen and that’s what we saw with J. Cole too. He had a collab with rapper Lil Yachty recently. The collab of the duo came for the single titled “The Secret Recipe”. The track has been assumed to be dissing rapper NBA YoungBoy by some of the fans.

Although, the lyrics didn’t mention the rapper or anything explicit about him in the track. The lyrics of the song read as “Only breaking bad in the lab, though y’all was making meth/N##### making threats and I laugh, that’s ’cause you ain’t a threat/Don’t ask how i feel ’bout no rappers”.


Fans believe J. Cole dissed NBA YoungBoy in The Secret Recipe

After the collab of J. Cole with Lil Yachty over The Secret Recipe. Many of the fans believed Cole was dissing NBA YoungBoy in his song. They thought The Secret Recipe was taking a shot at the NBA YoungBoy’s track “F### The Industry Pt.2”.

Not to miss, in F### The Industry Pt. 2, NBA YoungBoy dissed J. Cole, Drake, and Lil Yachty. It was due to avoiding a collab that the rapper had targeted J. Cole. Yet, it looks like J. Cole’s manager has a different opinion on what fans have been thinking about Cole and Yachty’s recent collab.


J. Cole’s manager dismisses rumors of rapper dissing NBA YoungBoy in The Secret Recipe

Though some of the fans believed J. Cole and NBA YoungBoy have been dissing each other via their tracks. Cole’s manager and co-founder of Dreamville dismissed fans’ claims about the rapper’s track The Secret Recipe.

Via his X account, Ibrahim Hamad, the co-founder said about dissing rumors “I’m pretty sure this is [cap]. In his tweet, he added further “Not sure how y’all heard that cole verse and put that together, impressive”. Yet, the latest collab of Lil Yachty and J. Cole has certainly been going viral.


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