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IShowSpeed Accidentally Exposes Ninja’s Exclusive Discord: Fortnite Star Forced to ‘Nuke’ Private Server

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IShowSpeed and Ninja

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YouTuber IShowSpeed’ recent mistake has caused trouble for streamer Ninja as he accidentally leaked details of Ninja’s private Discord, including names of celebrities. Here’s what exactly happened.

Read ahead to know more about IShowSpeed leaks details of the private Discord of streamer Ninja.

IShowSpeed & Ninja: Fortnite OG Team-Up

With the new season of Fortnite, OG is driving gaming enthusiasts crazy. Recently, IShowSpeed and streamer Ninja teamed up for the same. However, their live-stream turned out to be unexpectedly problematic as Speed ended up doing something that will trouble Ninja.

While the collaboration of both streamers, along with other broadcasters, could have been fun, some personal details of streamer Ninja have been leaked by IShowSpeed, creating a lot of buzz on social media. Here’s what we know.


IShowSpeed Leaks Ninja’s Discord Details: Unraveling the Controversy

The stream on November 10th seems to have created a lot of tension for Ninja, as his personal Discord server details were leaked by IShowSpeed. Speed had leaked the invite link to Ninja’s personal Discord server.

That eventually leaked names of other streamers and some A-list celebrities connected to Ninja. The popular names added to Ninja’s Discord turned out to be Drake, Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Juju. While Ninja has also reacted to the incident.

Ninja Responds to Discord Leak: Addressing the Fallout

After IShowSpeed leaked details of Ninja’s personal Discord server, the latter immediately went on to “nuke” the channel. On the same day, he even talked about the situation, saying, “I had to f*

‘ nuke it.”

He also said, “Because Speed leaked it. And then I look over, and it’s just a bunch of people posting **** pictures and **** photos”. After watching Ninja talk about the leak. IShowSpeed too couldn’t stop from reacting as he said “Now I feel bad”.

Though Speed might be regretting what he did now. He previously leaked the phone number of KSI on Instagram as well. However, it would have to be seen if Ninja could get back its members back or not.


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