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Is The Rapper DaBaby Interested in Mrs. Latruth? Her Claims Explained

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DaBaby has been alleged by a married woman of trying indirect moves at her though knowing her spouse. On Instagram, Briana Hampton, who goes by the handle mrslatruth, reportedly lashed out at the rapper for apparently coming on her while conversing with some other lady.

Soon after, DaBaby turned to Instagram to refute Mrs. LaTruth’s charges, claiming they were all completely invented. Briana had much more to say after reading the rapper’s reaction, but somehow it didn’t stop there.

Who is mrslatruth?

Mrs. Latruth, also known as Briana Hampton, seems to be the spouse of Rapper Latruth, whose real name is Robert Hampton.

She describes herself as something of a writer and businesswoman. Mrslatruth Boutique is her business. Briana’s book, Self Love Is the Best Love, was recently released.

mrslatruth is a social networking superstar with a sizable fan base across multiple platforms. On Instagram, she has some 530,000 fans, but on TikTok, she has more than 630,000.


We don’t think it’s surprising that her recent issue with DaBaby has drawn more spotlight to her because everyone can’t shut up about that as well.

Allegations on DaBaby

Briana, called mrslatruth, posted three pictures of a claimed chat involving DaBaby as well as another lady to her Instagram profile.


“DONT PLAY ABOUT MY MARRIAGE)!!” she writes at the start of the lengthy caption. For me, the utmost insult is having somebody walk into your DM who

1) doesn’t know you’re married,

2) was negotiating deals with my hubby,

3) I ain’t nobody’s BIHHH, and

4) disrespects my spouse and my relationship!!!”

There in the remaining of the post, she claims that perhaps the rapper was “rude and inconsiderate” to her since her husband, Latruth reportedly spoke to DaBaby’s crew about business repeatedly.

“I’m a strong woman who can’t be moved by anyone other than my hubby. Nah, he ain’t the first one, but I’m certain he won’t be more of the same; I’ve had NBA and NFL guys in my Inbox, but they’re not rude,” mrslatruth wrote.


However, DaBaby’s name appears in multiple images, indicating that he had seen mrstruth’s account multiple times. In the very same chat, a screenshot of her profile image and description were shared.

DaBaby’s response to Allegations

DaBaby turned to Instagram stories to contradict mrslatruth’s charges, calling the screenshot “false”. And asserting that perhaps the language used there isn’t really the manner he normally speaks.

“I don’t really speak in that manner.” If you learn my language a bit better the next time. You might be able to get some larger websites and blogs… “Trying to make it appear somewhat like me,” the rapper explained.

The new drama didn’t get to finish with DaBaby’s comment. Briana sent a couple of additional comments to the rapper on her Instagram account.


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